My taste buds were craving some spice last Tuesday, so I indulged in some Indian cuisine at Bombay Club on the corner of Congress and State Streets. This restaurant is a nice change from the bland, ordinary food I am accustomed to eating.

My first Indian dining experience was truly “a culinary journey to the exotic,” as it says on the menu. The food choices are plentiful and the service is polite. The prices are a bit high but the cultural experience is well worth the extra pennies.

The large white building with maroon awnings stands apart from others on busy Longfellow Square. A soft-spoken and extremely polite waiter greeted us at the door. We were seated at one of the many booths that fill the well-lit dining room. There is also an outside patio that looks out onto State Street for those warmer days.

Indian artwork made of copper hangs on the walls and “I Dream of Jeanie” lamps rest on the window sills. The restaurant was empty upon our arrival but that changed as the night grew older.

My dinner companion and I were famished when we arrived. A plate of fresh Papadum-Chick Pea Crisps, accompanied by three condiments including a red chutney, sweet tamarind sauce, and mint chutney was a perfect snack to hold us while we mulled over the extensive menu, consisting of appetizers, salads and soups, Tandoori oven specialties, seafood, chicken, lamb and vegetarian entrees. A large carafe of water was also placed on our table and filled periodically throughout our meal.

We began with an appetizer, Vegetable Samosas, crispy fried turnovers filled with spice potatoes and green peas ($2.75). It took a while for me to decide on an entree, especially because this was my first time trying Indian food. But the brief descriptions beneath each item helped in my decision. I chose the Murg Makhani, succulent boneless pieces of char-Broiled Chicken finished in a delicate tomato flavored butter-cream sauce ($9.95). My dinner companion decided on Rohl Josh, spiced lamb cooked with tomatoes and onion ($9.95). We ordered these medium; each dish can be made mild, medium or spicy. We also ordered a basket of Garlic Naan, traditional puffy bread made from fine, leavened flour ($2.95). This bread can also be ordered plain, with cheese, onion or minced lamb.

Our appetizer arrived quickly. The teardrop-shaped turnover was warm and crispy on the outside. Steam poured out from my first incision, and inside was a delicious blend of spicy potatoes and peas. One for each of us was plenty. Soon after finishing, our entrees arrived.

Our meat was served in two small bowls and a large bowl of white ginger flavored rice was placed between us. The meat mixture was tasty, not too hot, and not too bland. The tomato sauce was rich and creamy. I enjoyed soaking up the extra sauce with the fluffy naan. My friend’s lamb was tender and juicy. His spices were also just right. The helpings were big and we ate until we couldn’t anymore. Then we sat back and soaked up the culture around us.

There was no room for dessert, although I was tempted to try their Indian rice pudding ($2.25). My stomach said no! They also offer several ice cream flavors.

Our experience at Bombay Club was one to remember. We were treated with respect and served fresh, flavorful food. I will definitely go back to sample more of their exotic food when I feel like spicing things up a bit.

Staff Writer Katie Gallagher can be contacted at: [email protected]


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