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Bombay Club provides spicy sustenance

My taste buds were craving some spice last Tuesday, so I indulged in some Indian cuisine at Bombay Club on the corner of Congress and State Streets. This restaurant is a nice change from the bland, ordinary food I am accustomed to eating. My first Indian dining experience was truly "a culinary journey to the exotic," as it says on the menu.

“40 Days” is predictable but sweet and funny

In his latest film Josh Hartnett vows to give up sex for a torturous 40 days and 40 nights. This may sound like a harsh test for someone with his good looks, but for the rest of us it's called existence. But regardless of its exaggerated dilemma, "40 Days and 40 Nights" is an amusing romantic comedy that goes beyond its high-concept aspirations and become an enjoyable movie.

Modeling nude for the sake of art

Lin Lisberger's intermediate drawing class is almost done for the day. There are eight students sitting or standing around the edges of a small room with no windows save four small skylights. The room's track lighting is mostly focused on the two women resting in the middle of the floor.

Men’s lacrosse stronger than last year

In its second year as a varsity sport after previously existing with club status for 10 years, the men's lacrosse team has begun its 2002 season strong, with expectations of great improvement over last year's record. Led by captains senior defense Kevin Beauregard and senior midfield/attack Tobey Farrington, the team has its first game at Emerson College in Boston on March 18.

Strong pitching staff leads softball team into season

With the best depth and pitching staff in recent memory, the Southern Maine softball team has begun spring training. The team has not suffered any off-season injuries or surgeries, and has had successful recruiting, adding to the team's overall depth. Coach Bonny Brown-Denico describes the infield as "tall," and the outfield as "fast," which sounds very favorable for Southern Maine.

“Not enough” athletic trainers at USM

They are seen on the sidelines at games and practices, always ready with bandages and tape or bags of ice. They are the first ones to the mound when the pitcher grabs his shoulder. They are the ones seen helping the injured athlete through exercises to strengthen her muscles.

Health Beat

How can I avoid getting sick while traveling? If you plan to visit a developing or Third World country - almost any area except most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan - see a health care provider, preferably four to six weeks before you leave.

Baseball players in the first inning of the season

By Elise Adams Alive Editor Southern Maine baseball is one of the ten best teams in the country. They were named one of the top five programs in the country in the 90s by Baseball America Magazine. They have played in the NCAA championships every year since 1986.


Bioscience groundbreaking Members of the campus community are invited to a ground-breaking ceremony for the Bioscience Research Addition to the Science Building in Portland at 2 p.m. Friday, March 22. The ceremony will take place at the site adjacent to the Science Building on Falmouth Street.

Southworth’s planetarium nightsky guide

It is the one pattern known to most people. Many people who have never really gazed at the sky will still recognize the term, "Big Dipper," which is the ladle-shaped star pattern that describes wide circles in our northern sky. The Big Dipper, or Ursa Major, is famous for a few reasons: one is that the shape is quite obvious.


Aries (March 21-April 20). Revised work definitions will captivate much of your time and attention. Expect authority figures to replace reluctant or sluggish personnel. For many Aries natives, workplace changes will pave the way for important career gains and fast financial planning.

Jeremiah Freed local boys hit the road

It's a common adolescent fantasy to start a rock band with your best friends and travel from club to club in a beat-up old van. What happened to the members of Jeremiah Freed when fantasy became reality? "We bought a new van," said Nick Goodale, the band's lead guitarist.


Monday, March 11 Panel, "Speaking of Beauty: The Worlds of Art, Psychology and Philosophy Weight in on the Question of Beauty," featuring Jane Mays of the Art Department, Bill Thornton from the Psychology Department, Kate Wininger from the Philosophy Department, and Joy M?rquez, philosophy symposium chair, 7 to 9 p.

Meet Joe Student

Name? Travis Major and year? Geology, senior Age? 23 Why are you standing at the table? We're raising funds for 18 students who will be going to Florida for a conference on protecting humanity and nature services in Florida. Where do you work? I am working with Americorps Do you have any favorite place to go to? Not many, maybe Old Orchard Beach, in summer time anyway.

Graduation center helps seniors

Are you a senior concerned about all you have to do before you graduate? Are you interested in finding out about opportunities that might be available to you after graduation? Take a deep breath, relax and head over to Destination Graduation, your resource and referral center, located in 100 Payson Smith Hall on the Portland campus.

Professor studies terrorism and drug connection

As the war on terrorism continues, scientists work diligently to understand its causes and possible solutions. USM Assistant Professor of Geography Michael K. Steinberg is one seeking those answers. Steinberg attended and spoke at the 2002 annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston last month.

Professor expert on undiscovered creatures

Glowing red eyes centered in the chest of a headless, feathery, seven-foot tall winged creature. That's "Mothman." Sounds like something from a movie, right? Well, it is. But for USM adjunct professor Larry Coleman, it is also a passion. While most professors specialize in the arts, English, history or mathematics, Coleman is an expert in cryptozoology, "the study of hidden and as yet undiscovered animals.

Doing the ROUNDS

EDITOR'S NOTE: We sent a staff writer and photographer to follow a pair of public safety assistants during one of their 7 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. shifts last week. PSAs are typically students who have an interest in pursuing a career in law enforcement. They are used by the USM Police Department to help with campus security.

Wrong solution

To the Editor: I will not disagree that the parking here at USM needs some form of attention. However, the article in your paper implies that the only way to fix it is to build a parking garage, which leads to raising the price for parking. This is unnecessary and very expensive, especially for most college students.

Nutrition problems

To the Editor: It's the day before winter break here at Portland Hall, and I am preparing for a nutritional change. The caf? will be closed to USM students for the break, so I head down to the food store to seek out Ramen Noodles and order four large pizzas for the week.

Give us extra day

To the Editor: Vacation is supposed to be a time to relax and recharge for the coming weeks. However, this is hard for students living in non 9-month dorms to do. Non 9-month dorm residents are not allowed back into dorms until 12:30 p.m. the Sunday before classes resume.

Stop the rumors

To the Editor: Rumor. What does that word mean? In its simplest terms, it means to gossip unverified or unfounded information about an individual. Can anyone think of a more spiteful word than this one? Nobody likes to be the subject of any gossip, especially when that gossip is untrue.

Parking fee concerns

To the Editor: I am disturbed by the increase in the cost of parking for next year. I am a senior now and am graduating in May 2003. I feel that I should not have to pay the extra $60 to park in Portland. I would think that the juniors now would not want to pay $192 to park when they are seniors.

Free speech for all?

To the Editor: I'm writing in regards to the problem of tearing down bulletin boards. I certainly don't condone what these people have done, but I think that I understand where they are coming from. As a person who considers herself pro-life (NOT an anti-choice terrorist as one person would have described someone like me), there is no place for me on the USM campus where I can speak out without being ostracized.