Letter to the Editor,

In response to your editorial, The games go on, I find it amusing that you portray yourself as the advocate of free speech on behalf of the USM student body. The reality is, when you allowed an article in your publication to be printed that misrepresented the large group of students in the Greek community, you were actually guilty of restriction of free speech by polling students who weren’t remotely associated with Greek life. Were you surprised by the negative reaction from the Greek community in response to such a stupid article? You purposely painted a negative portrait of the student body’s perception of Greek life by interviewing only five estranged and independent students. I guaren-damn-tee you that if you had a “Question of the week” asking how it feels to be Gay at USM and continued to interview only five bigots then there would be protest rallies all week and rightfully so. However, in the following edition your newspaper not only failed to print a noticeable retraction but you refused to apologize to the Greeks. As a Greek myself, I was offended by the slanderous manner in which your paper went about its business, and although I didn’t feel like setting half the edition’s circulation on fire, I felt that an apology was in order. A few Greek students may have handled the situation poorly, however, this is the reality of what happens when you act irresponsibly in the context of the media. It’s your duty as editor to maintain a high degree of professionalism and ensure your audience of just reporting. You failed miserably. Perhaps you, a student leader, should be subject to the same sanctions that you are so quick to impose upon Pergola for your paper’s decision to print the article? If he should step down as a student leader then you should hand over your pen as well! Additionally, I think you should stop trying to fool the student body into sympathizing with The Free Press at the loss of 2500 issues because I walk by thousands of unread newspapers week after week. I’m willing to bet five cents that half of your circulation is wasted anyway, that is, most of my activity fee is wasted. It’s time that you start endorsing articles that promote the true spirit of USM including the interests of all of its student organizations and quit trying to grandstand like some petty supermarket tabloid. You are an employee of the student body as you are funded through our student activity fee therefore you should start listening to the message that’s getting written back to you.

Martin Macisso

senior, finance

Delta Chi president 2000-01


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