Messy students, dirty dorms part 2

The article “Messy students, dirty dorms,” published last week has caused a stir on the Gorham campus.

On Thursday morning the Towers custodial staff was called into a meeting to discuss the Towers’ uncleanliness.

The Department of Facilities Management has instructed custodians to focus more on the public areas in the Tower buildings. However, the custodians are still understaffed, which mean other areas are not getting completely cleaned.

“We have been told to stop what we are doing and clean the stairwells and public areas, which means the bathrooms don’t get cleaned,” said custodian Michael Buchand.

Yet Carl Hill, assistant director for Facilities Services, assures that the dorms will become and remain clean.

“I’m really at a loss to understand why this is an issue,” said Hill. “I don’t see any reason why the bathrooms shouldn’t be cleaned. They better be cleaned.”

Hill held a meeting in which all involved parties agreed that the buildings would in fact be cleaned.

Canada trip cancelled

The annual trip to Montreal sponsored by the Gorham Events Board and Student Activities was cancelled this year.

The trip was cancelled because of security concerns following the attacks of Sept. 11, according to Rodney Mondor, the Assistant Director for Student Involvement and Student Affairs,

“We wanted to make sure there would be no problems at the border,” said Mondor, “Primarily it was for safety.”

At a time of War and with international students participating in the trip, Mondor speculated potential problems coming back across the border into the United States.

Mondor and others affiliated with Gorham Events Board made the decision to cancel the trip, which was scheduled for Nov. 2.

Active athletes

Each year the goal of Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to implement outreach programs that support and nurture the growth and development for children in USM’s surrounding communities.

SAAC sponsors a variety of community programs including a Halloween party that attracted hundreds of community children last night to Gorham’s Brooks Student Center.

It was completely run by the athletes and provided safe, fun and monitored Halloween activities, according to SAAC organizers.

SAAC is compromised of current student-athletes, representing 24 different sports teams.

The group engages in other community activities throughout the year.

The committee is currently supervising a pen-pal program. There are 232 students from Gorham’s Village School in grades 4, 5 and 6 corresponding to USM students through the pen-pal system right now.

SAAC also focus on improving the quality of the athletic experience and enhancing the image of student-athletes.


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