Student concerns heard

The Student Senate provided a table for students to speak about their concern at USM.

According to Resident Sen. Mark Royer the concern that came up most often had to do with the quality of professors in the lower-level math courses. One student wrote that professors need to remember that students do not know the material, and show more enthusiasm when teaching. Sen. Royer believes that the Senate must address this concern.

Other concerns included: lack of parking, the possibility of a student book exchange, a Web site for course evaluations, funding for day-time childcare, air quality control, noise control in the computer lab, and banning credit card applications from campus.

Speakers present new schedule

Rosa Redonnett, vice president for the Division of Enrollment Management, and Registrar Steve Rand were the guest speakers at Friday’s meeting. Together they provided a look at next fall’s class schedule. The schedule has been altered to allow buses more time to travel back and forth between Gorham and Portland, and make parking easier for students.

All periods Monday through Thursday before 4 p.m., will be 75 minutes with a 15-minute break between periods. Periods after 4 p.m. will accommodate either 75-minute periods or 150-minute periods. Friday will normally consist of two 2 1/2-hour periods.

Redonnett and Rand also provided the Senate with current enrollment figures, which show the average age of USM students has dropped again, to about 26. The numbers for graduate and law students was not included. The figures also show the fastest growing population at USM is the percentage of full-time students.

Senator resigns

Commuter Sen. Matthew Amoroso resigned from the Senate Friday as he faced class constraints. Both Sen. Royer and Resident Sen. Anthony Pergola were opposed to the resignation saying that he will be missed.

New Student Leader of the Month named

The Senate voted Jeff Maita the Student Leader of the Month for December 2000. The Senate credited Maita, who has worked for Student Legal Services for two months, with transforming the office going above and beyond his duty.


Estimated amount of money left in the Senate account: $0.


The following senators were absent without proxy from Friday’s meeting: Commuter Sen. Sean Brady, At-Large Sen. Erin Chick, At-Large Sen. Katherine Demers, Sen. Treasurer Justin LaBerge, At-Large Sen. Aron Paquette, At-Large Sen. Marcy Muller.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Student Senate will be held at 9:30 a.m. Friday Jan. 9 in Luther Bonney, room 303, Portland. All members of the USM community are welcome to attend.

Staff writer Ryan Milliken can be contacted at [email protected]


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