Vagina Monologues

This Friday the Senate voted to give the Women’s Center $2,000 for the third annual Vagina Monologues skit-based performance at USM. The skit, which explores the multiplicity of women’s experiences including rape, genital mutilation, and pleasure and lovemaking, hopes to raise money for local support groups and is seen as USM’s initiative to End Violence Against Women. “It’s a powerful way to educate people about sexual assault and abuse,” says Beth Martin, coordinator of the Women’s Resource Center. Last year the sold out performances raised $2,700 for organizations including Sexual Assault Response Services and Abused Women’s Advocacy Project.

Money for Athletic Discipline

The Senate also voted to give $250 to Alan Grady a student supervisor for a convention sponsored by The National Intramural Recreation Sports Association (NIRSA), of which Grady is a six-month member. NIRSA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the establishment and development of quality intramural/recreational sports and fitness programs and services.

The Senate recognizes the importance of intramural sports to students and feels that Grady will bring back helpful techniques on how the University can expand and improve its program. “It will give me the opportunity to educate students that will be here next year on how to handle aspects of intramurals such as when fights break out, or when athletes yell at the referees,” says Grady.

Vague Request Denied

The Senate denied a $250 request to send a yet to be identified student to the American Physical Society Convention on March 12-16. The Senate will hold out on the funding for the convention, which lacked an adequate description and participant.

Very Shaggy

The Senate voted to contribute $8,000 to hold a spot on the tour of Shaggy, the rap/reggae performer. While most of the Senate was in favor of the concert, Senate Secretary Steve Witek expressed concern. “I think it’s a wonderful event to spend the money on,” said Witek. “My concern is that we will be cutting other organizations short the rest of the semester.” The $8,000 does not guarantee a visit from Shaggy but instead acts as a bid for his agents to consider. Sen. Treasurer LaBerge believed the concert to be a wonderful way to create a community feeling that is lacking on campus, especially for commuter students who only come to the University for classes.

Ski Trip in March

The Ski Club will request $500 next week for a ski trip planned during March break that will include eight students from USM. The money will help lower the cost for students, which presently stands at $1,159.44 per student.


The estimated amount of money left in the Senate account is $5,744.05. Last week’s estimated amount was $15,994.05.


The following senators were absent from Friday’s meeting: Commuter Sen. David Johnson, Commuter Sen. Brittany Esposito, Resident Sen. Mark Royer, Resident Sen. Jason Saucier.

Staff writer Ryan Milliken can be contacted at [email protected].


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