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The Free Press’ Sports Year in Review

Along with the ebbs and flows of a college athletic season, there are performances and accomplishments that stand out among others. In honor of The Free Press' last issue of the academic year, the Sports staff has compiled the top ten USM sports performances of the 2010-2011 year. Sit back and enjoy.

Students march in Gorham against sexual violence

The USM Campus Safety Project organized a week of events to call attention to domestic violence and sexual assault, including a Take Back the...

Viva la Resurgam! Words & Images 2011

On Friday night, the real test will arrive for the 2011 staff of Words & Images at the journal's release party starting at 6 p.m. It will not only be the first opportunity for the public to purchase the journal, but will also feature an exclusive reading from "Townie: A Memoir" by bestselling author Andre Dubus III, as well as readings and award presentations by Adrian Blevins, USM President Selma Botman and Kate Cheney Chappell, and a special musical performance by Olas.

New bat standard yet to hamper USM baseball’s plate production

The NCAA's new BBCOR bat standard was implemented in college baseball this spring, but it hasn't taken long for programs to get used to the new bats, with USM being one of them.

USM celebrates Earth Day with week of activities

USM hosted several events surrounding the environment and sustainability last week, leading up to Earth Day on Friday. From a bike safety and tire check to a full moon hike, to seed planting, students kept busy participating in environmentally friendly activities while also learning new tips on ways to do their part in keeping the planet healthy. Events were held Monday through Friday on both the Portland and Gorham campuses.

Sport Event Management class to put on inaugural “Into the Mud...

What better way to get some exercise and have some fun than to run through a mud pit and navigate down an obstacle called the Slippery Slope? These are just a few of the many fun things featured in the inaugural "Into the Mud Challenge" which will be held at Gorham Middle School on Saturday May, 7.

Another year, another live 1960s Bob Dylan record

To the casual listener it might be difficult to believe the American folk icon Bob Dylan has had a career past the 1960s. Countless...

Ban would reach beyond problem of second-hand smoke

The debate over a proposed tobacco ban at USM has largely centered on the issue of second-hand smoke. But the policy would cover dips, chew and snus, raising the question of how involved the university should be in personal health choices.

USM track and field thrower employs strong work ethic and passion

USM track and field thrower Matt Harmon is breaking school records left and right in the hammer throw, and his hard work and passion for the event could be the thing to paves his way to DIII Nationals.

USM chapter of Phi Mu fighiting closure

USM's Psi Beta chapter of the Phi Mu women's fraternity is appealing a decision by the national Phi Mu organization to close the chapter at the end of the academic year. Chapter president Carin Jollotta announced the news in an email to other USM Greek life and student government leaders April 4.

Foam Castles broaden influences, psychedelics in new EP

Tyler Jackson and company once again delve into the self-self-conscious with “Come Over To My House” an EP that, while extraordinarily short at four tracks, is an exceptional reminder of why Foam Castles continues to be one of Portland’s most remarkably diverse bands.

Building a safer cigarette

Electronic cigarettes offer smoking pleasure, sans smoke. I gave them a close look and a week of inhalation.

Men’s lacrosse coaches offer experience from nation’s hotbeds

Establishing a following for a new sport can sometimes be a difficult task, but this isn’t the case with the rapidly-growing sport of lacrosse in the state of Maine, and the USM lacrosse coaches are helping that cause as they bring knowledge and experience to the Huskies from rich lacrosse backgrounds.

Chris Camire elected student body president

Freshman Chris Camire was elected student body president in the spring 2011 Student Government Association elections, defeating his opponents Anna Ivanova and Katherine Sivret. Receiving a total of 147 votes, Camire defeated Ivanova and Sivret by 31 and 38 votes respectively.

Revamping The Free Press newsroom

Do you read any websites that only update once a week? How about one that takes a three week break with school vacations? Well if you read our website then you do. The Free Press has improved the last couple semesters, but our online effort is still lacking.

And then there were 65: The 2011 PMA Biennial is set

After a submission period over the summer that included over 3,600 individual works from 902 local Maine and New England artists, the Portland Museum of Art has assembled a collection of 65 pieces for their annual Maine Biennial celebration opening on Thursday.

Part-time workers and volunteers essential to athletic department’s success

The scene at a USM sporting event may not seem that complicated to the average fan. The players take the court for warm-ups, their introductions are made and the game is played. But diving deep into the ins and outs of the anatomy of an athletics event at USM reveals itself to be more complex than you would expect. And the athletics department wouldn't be able to run them in a professional manner if it wasn't for the help they get.

Men’s lacrosse gets down early, unable to counter Bates attack

Falling behind early has been a constant for the USM men's lacrosse team in losses this year, and it wasn't any different on Tuesday. Bates...

Find your niche at the Apohadion Theater

Apohadion. The word sounds like it could be the name of one of Godzilla’s enemies. In spite of its epic quality, the term has no relation to mutant dinosaurs.

Cyberwarfare expert vists USM

As war becomes a high-tech business, the burgeoning fields of internet security and cyberwarfare are driving a change in the United States military. Rear...

Women’s lacrosse back at it after championship season

Since being reinstated as a varsity sport in 2001, the USM women's lacrosse program hadn't been able make it past the championship game of...

REACT brings awareness to eating disorders

Barbie and Ken joined forces with USM students last week to raise awareness about body image and eating disorders. The plastic couple appeared in...

Say bye-bye to boredom and hello to HillyTown

“There’s nothing to do in Maine. Maine is boring.” If you grew up in Maine, chances are you’ve heard this statement before. If...

Inaugural Rail Jam catches major air

Dubstep blasting, freshly groomed snow, boxes, rails, an energetic and enthusiastic crowd and a group of USM’s finest winter athletes competing for king and...