Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Clinton and Trump

Posted on October 22, 2016 by USM Free Press in Perspectives

This week, on Press Perspectives: We take a look at the most recent presidential controversies of Trump and Clinton, and highlight how it has shaped our opinion on the upcoming election. On October 8th, Wikileaks exposed thousands of Hillary Clinton’s email exchanges, including with campaign aide John Podesta. While most of these emails date back […]

Let’s Talk About It: Deciding What’s Important

Posted on October 22, 2016 by USM Free Press in Perspectives

By Johnna Ossie, Free Press News editor On Wednesday afternoon I sat in the Free Press office snacking on muffins that our sports editor, Erin, had made the night before instead of doing her homework. Laughing and shoving muffins into my mouth, I told her how I had spent the night before watching Buffy the […]

Sustainability & ME: Food Waste: “So Hot Right Now”

Posted on October 22, 2016 by USM Free Press in Perspectives

Move over Zoolander. Hansel is not what’s hot right now. Food waste is. That’s right, food waste: the amount of food that gets thrown away by Americans and the global community. It’s a real problem, and people are starting to talk about it. Maybe you were raised in a family in which leaving food on […]

The Universal Right to Housing

Posted on October 22, 2016 by USM Free Press in Perspectives

By Bryer Sousa In late April, a collaboration between the Portland Tenants Union, the USM Socialists – International Socialist Organization, Portland, Maine and the University of Southern Maine Greens presented a multi tiered conference. It was titled “Green Thinks: Housing is a Human Right!” I didn’t know what to expect. It had been well established […]

Sustainability & ME: What Does it Mean to be Sustainable?

Posted on October 22, 2016 by USM Free Press in Perspectives

Sustainable, as defined by Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition: “of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.” Alright, so, that sounds like a really good thing. Let’s take the growing of one vegetable as a rhetorical example, potato. In […]

Advising Advice: How Does Advising Mix with Diversity and Inclusion?

Posted on October 22, 2016 by USM Free Press in Perspectives

By Margaret Brownlee, Advisor, Please welcome the new USM Assistant Dean of students for Diversity and Inclusion. Her name is Mariana M. Cruz, and she has been featured online through the USM Office of Public Affairs and has been spotted all over campus from the Husky Fest to the Professional Senate. She is vibrant, […]

The lasting effects of the Orlando mass shooting

Posted on August 11, 2016 by USM Free Press in Perspectives

BANGOR, MAINE -- 06/13?2016 -- Several hundred people attended a vigil at Bangor City Hall on Monday night for the victims of the attack at an Orlando nightclub on Sunday that left 49 people dead. Gabor Degre | BDN

By Sunni Baudelaire In light of the devastating events in the Orlando Mass Shootings and in light of Pride Portland, we are all searching for community. There is fear for personal safety, but there is also a solidarity that exists within this loneliness and grief. We can achieve justice by letting our voices be heard to […]

Sustainability & ME: USM’s mindful move out, a zero waste event?

Posted on May 04, 2016 by USM Free Press in Perspectives

By Lisa Willey, Sustainability & ME Zero Waste: An increasingly popular expression. But what does it mean?  Last October, I attended the Zero Waste Conference organized by PLAN (Post Landfill Action Network), a non-profit group of student leaders who believe that waste is a logistics problem. The event was hosted at the University of New Hampshire […]

Letter from the Editor: My first year as Editor-in-chief

Posted on May 02, 2016 by Krysteana Scribner in Letter From The Editor, Perspectives

The end of another school year is upon us, and it’s in this moment that I usually would be headed back home, ready to leave behind the USM campus. During my first two years at USM, going to classes had felt like a job to me. I had a hard time justifying the importance of […]

Using the GI Bill? Do & Don’t tips when working with advising and Veterans services

Posted on May 02, 2016 by USM Free Press in Perspectives

By Lorrie Spaulding, Coordinator of Veterans Services Do:   Contact Veterans Services early and often about career plans and schedule changes.  Why?  We want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your benefits every semester.  This means working with your Academic Advisor and Faculty Advisor to ensure that you are only […]