Sign of the rhymes: Poetry serves as a medium for change

Posted on April 07, 2014 by Francis Flisiuk in Arts & Culture

Crystal Farrington, a junior English major at USM recites her poetry at Bull Feeney's  at 375 Fore St. during a weekly spoken word performance.

Poetry reading has evolved from coffeehouses and dusty leather bound books into packed bars, snapping fingers and vocal performance pieces with powerful messages. No longer is poetry culture limited by cliche love stories, strict organization and clever rhymes. Poetry in today’s age, specifically slam poetry, has developed into an artistic medium that facilitates personal development […]

Arts & Culture Recommends: USM Theatre presents The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Posted on March 10, 2014 by USM Free Press in Arts & Culture, Recommends

By: Matthew Donovan The USM Theatre department is letting the audience decide “whodunit” with the premiere of the Tony Award-winning murder mystery musical The Mystery of Edwin Drood. The Mystery of Edwin Drood is shaping to be a musical that narrows the distance between audience and player interaction, where the ending of the story is […]

Ceramist Shawn O’Connor shares historical method

Posted on March 10, 2014 by masonfriedman in Arts & Culture

From left to right: Shawn O’Connor stands with Dylan Rohman, a senior ceramics major, Rachel Grover, a senior art education major, and Caitlyn Puchalski, a junior art major, around the kiln last Thursday.

Last week USM hosted a special guest, alumnus and ceramist Shawn O’Connor. O’Connor teamed up with the USM Art Department to finish a project with students, the construction and lighting of a one time use paper kiln. The paper kiln was lit Thursday with Brandon Lutterman a professor of ceramics and several USM students in […]

Campbell brothers shoot for big screens

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Francis Flisiuk in Arts & Culture

Peter (left) and Thomas (right) Campbell sit to discuss their travel plans to the Filmapooloza Film festival in New Orleans that started this weekend and ends Monday.

Siblings Thomas and Peter Campbell, emerging filmmakers and theatre and music majors at USM, are ready to see their work on national and international screens, after winning several awards, including “Best Film,” during Portland’s 48 Hour Film Project last year . The brothers made their winning eight-minute film as part of the 48 Hour Film […]

100 years of culinary history displayed at the Maine Historical Society

Posted on March 03, 2014 by Sam Hill in Arts & Culture

To celebrate Maine Restaurant Week, the Maine Historical Society Museum has put together a collection of culinary history. From Chop Suey to Washington Pie, Maine Menus features a collection of menus from 1882 to 1949, all with a special link to the state of Maine.The exhibit has been curated by MHS archivist Nancy Noble, who […]

Bam Bam bakes up delicious options for gluten-sensitive foodies

Posted on March 03, 2014 by masonfriedman in Arts & Culture

With one percent of the entire U.S. population suffering from celiac disease, it’s no surprise that many of Portland’s eateries are attempting to tap into this new, sometimes under-represented clientele. Bam Bam Bakery, situated at the corner of Union and Commercial streets, caters to the customers who don’t consume gluten, a type of protein found […]

A student’s guide to Maine Restaurant Week

Posted on March 03, 2014 by Francis Flisiuk in Arts & Culture

A vegetable, three-cheese, mac-n-cheese, featuring a roasted almond tomato sauce.

The 6th annual Maine Restaurant Week is the perfect opportunity to break free from the doldrums of frequenting the same eateries and explore new flavors  at an especially  discounted  price. Over 90 restaurants all over the state are offering new 3-course dinners for either $25, $35, or $45 and lunches for a fixed price of […]

Top 5: Food Apps

Posted on March 03, 2014 by elledavis in Arts & Culture

In honor of Maine’s Restaurant Week, let’s take the stress out of finding somewhere delectable (and local!) to eat by exploring our top five apps that can be used to locate restaurants catering to every palate and wallet.  Many people today indulge in the technology of smartphones. This information especially serves those of this demographic, […]

Local Album Review: A dose of whole-hearted rock’n’roll

Posted on February 24, 2014 by dkelly in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture

Whale Oil’s self-titled release isn’t complicated, technically proficient or even polite. What it is, however, is rock’n’roll, pure and simple. Whale Oil is on the front lines of keeping the power trio tradition alive. Brian Saxton pounds his drumkit for all it’s worth and sings (well, screams) with an astoundingly high level of energy. Bill […]

Arts & Culture Recommends: Delta Rae rocks the State Theatre

Posted on February 24, 2014 by nathanbaril in Arts & Culture, Recommends

The harmonious choruses of Delta Rae and The Falls’ heartbreak ballads will echo through the halls of Port City Music Hall this Friday. Delta Rae is a folk-rock group out of Durham, N.C., who will headline Friday’s show, offering crisp harmonies compounded with a modern yet traditional sound. The ensemble includes Ian Hölljes, Eric Hölljes, […]