Daily Archives: February 4, 2002

It’s okay to be loud at The Bear

When a restaurant has been around for about as long as I have, it must have something special to offer. Such is the case for The Great Lost Bear on Forest Avenue. This festive eatery and pub has been in its Portland location since 1979, according to management, and business is still going strong.

“Wolf” delivers thrills with nod to Hollywood

"The Brotherhood of the Wolf," has something for almost everyone. Nearly every genre imaginable is crammed into this flick. It's your typical martial arts, monster movie, murder mystery, period romance and political thriller. The film's identity crisis is not a bad sign however.

Busted Fro brings hip-hop to USM

Busted Fro, the next generation of young emcees and rappers will flow into USM this week to demonstrate their innovative style of hip-hop during a hip-hop education workshop and dance party on Friday, Feb. 8. During the workshop they will discuss the history of hip-hop and deliver their message of black pride and racial equality, according to Jessica Zambrano, Coordinator for Multicultural Student Affairs.

One man against the myths

Jana is in danger. Her boyfriend John is hurting her, and she is in denial. The other men in her life-her father, her teacher, her friend Mitchell-are struggling with what to do about it. Guy Durichek plays these and other men in "You the Man," a new one-man show about rape and domestic violence told from the male point of view.

A grain of meditation

Hours of meditation and visualization are necessary in preparation for the sand mandala. Tibetan artist Lobsang Samten sits quietly repeating a special meditation ritual before beginning his work, left. The chakpo, below, is a long ribbed device that Samten uses to direct the grains of sand to his desired pattern.

Huskies take to the mat

Coach Ted Reese: Success through hard work By Elise Adams Alive Editor It is difficult to articulate the enthusiasm and charisma of Ted Reese, USM wrestling coach and senior college English professor. Despite his artificial hip, artificial shoulder, three bones missing from his spine and his 65 years on this earth, it is hard to find a man more enthusiastic about his sport than Reese.

Weekly Sports Schedule

Feb. 5 Women's Basketball @ Plymouth State 5:30pm Men's Basketball @ Plymouth State 7:30pm Feb. 6 Women's Indoor Track - State of Maine Championships @ USM 5pm Women's Hockey @ Bowdoin 7pm Feb. 7 Wrestling v. Williams @ Milford, NH Feb. 8 Men's Hockey v.

Healh Beat

Tinea Pedis, or "Athlete's Foot", is a superficial fungal infection of the feet. It is the most common fungal infection affecting up to 70 percent of the population at some time. Fungal infections are usually enhanced by heat, moisture, and skin break down.


It's almost spring The Gorham and Portland events boards have teamed up to begin planning The Spring Fling to be held on April 19 from noon to midnight on the Gorham campus. "The Spring Fling is its tentative name," said Jon Taylor, Portland Events Board chair.

Southworth Planetarium nightsky guide

MOON-WATCH The Moon was full on Jan. 28. The full moon rises around sunset and will be visible throughout the entire evening. The moon reaches the last quarter point on Feb. 4 and will be new on Feb. 12. PLANET-WATCH Mercury vanishes into the solar glare and will not be visible until next month.


Aries (March 21-April 20) Long-term romantic plans are highlighted. Expect loved ones to express their needs, social aspirations and goals. Respond with warmth and honest enthusiasm. This is not a good time to withhold important emotions. Taurus (April 21-May 20) Work agreements or team projects will bring quick results.

What do you think of The Free Press coverage?

"I think on the whole they do a great job. But I think they tend to drag things out a bit." Brian Walsh, undeclared, sophomore "I'd like to see more musical and theatrical performances. Not just on campus, but in the surrounding area like Portland, just in case people are looking for something to do.

Meet Joe Student

Name? Jody Lew Major and year? Painting, senior Age? 23 What's the painting you're working on? We had to draw what we saw on the way home. It's kind of a self portrait with the colors of this old-fashioned gas station on Route 112. What are you using to make your picture? Acrylic and charcoal.


Tuesday, Feb. 5 WMPG hosts Portland's Homelessness Marathon, 24 hours of live programming from Monument Square, Portland featuring local activists dispelling myths associated with homelessness, starting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, WMPG 90.9 FM, 104.1 FM and http://www.

Best and brightest come to Science Bowl

What is it called when two hydrogen atoms bond to the carbon atoms of a former double bond and energy is released? What is the name for a fibrous protein that provides mechanical strength in cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bones? Which numbering system uses a base (radix) of eight? If you know the answer to any of those questions there are dozens of high school students across the state who'd like to be your friend.

Getting off the streets and speaking out

Filthy, hopeless, unfit, dangerous. These are just a few of many stigmas homeless people face daily. The lack of education and awareness about homelessness breeds misconceptions. But for 24 hours, homeless people will speak out to break the misunderstandings that surround homelessness.

Pattenaude announces plan to cut $1.5 million

President Richard Pattenaude announced specific plans to cut over $1.5 million from the 2002/2003 operating budget late last week. University officials say the cuts put the University just above subsistence levels. The move comes in response to a major increase in projected health care costs for the University of Maine System.

Naked Chicks

EDITOR'S NOTE: Kelly Michaud is the editor of the UMaine Orono student newspaper, The Maine Campus. The Free Press and The Maine Campus occasionally share stories that concern both schools. If you see a naked woman running down the streets of Orono don't bother calling the cops.

Forget the bike

To the Editor: We don't have a parking problem at USM's Portland campus. We have a commuting problem. Single occupancy vehicles have been congesting our parking lots for years. Now, all students might have to pay $4 per credit hour because of the selfish driving habits of some.

Pencil Pushers

To the Editor: The precious time and resources our 30th Student Senate dedicates towards drafting witty letters regarding pencil sharpeners is an embarrassment to the University community. I have also noticed a lack of pencil sharpeners around campus, but what about the more pressing issues facing students at USM? Who is addressing the many problems with the busing between campuses, including tardy arrivals, overcrowding and lack of the backup overflow van the University provided last semester? Has the slow snow removal on the Gorham campus gone unnoticed? It seems to me our Student Senate is overlooking the more pertinent issues while they search futilely for the missing pencil sharpeners at USM.

Conservative Applauds

To the Editor: Finally! The conservatives will have a booming voice on the USM campus that few will be able to ignore! I was extremely pleased to read in the Jan. 28 edition of The Free Press that former Chief Justice Dan Wathen will be speaking at this year's commencement.

Separate but not equal

To the Editor: I appreciated that last week's paper finally took the time to recognize that USM lacks a community atmosphere, but then a few pages later I noticed the article about commuter appreciation day. As a second year resident student I feel that everyday at USM is commuter appreciation day! In a school with almost 90 percent commuter students the population is more catered to than overlooked.

Snow and beer, the first day of canceled classes

EDITOR'S NOTE: We asked Staff Writer Aimee Risteen to write about the first major snowstorm from the perspective of somebody who lives in the dorms. This is her story. I got a call on Thursday telling me we are supposed to have this huge snowstorm and that most likely classes will be canceled.

For the people?

Every student I've talked to about the University's plan to increase parking fees next year is upset. Except the student senators. Most students say the plan to triple parking fees next year and double them the year after is simply too much. They say the fees should be applied only to those students who want to park in the garage, just as is being done with faculty and staff.