Daily Archives: January 22, 2002

Ladies of the Ice

Practice for the women's hockey team begins with more than 20 women of an average height of five-foot-four skating laps around the ice. As they skate by, one can see pony tails of varying lengths peeking from beneath their white helmets bearing their numbers.

Sports for the layperson

In hockey, icing is when a player hits the puck from one side of the red center line down the ice past the goal line on the other side of the rink, but not into the goal, and a member of the other team then touches the puck first. The offending team is penalized by a face-off in their defensive zone, or, the area of ice in front of their goal.

Health Beat

Widely used throughout South America, Mexico, Egypt, parts of Europe and China since 1962, and now approved by the USFDA, Lunelle is a once-a-month contraceptive injection. It contains ingredients similar to the estrogen and progesterone hormones that naturally regulate a woman's menstrual cycle.


This sin knows your name If you're sitting around bored on Thursday night, or don't want to travel to Gorham for "Thirsty Thursday," then check out the upcoming lecture, "'The Sin That Knows No Name: Looking for the history of sexuality." Join Dr. Howard Solomon, USM's newest adjunct faculty in the History Department, at 7 p.

Senate Update

By Steve Peoples Executive Editor Officials address new parking fees Two University officials were invited to discuss the new parking and transportation fee (see page 1). Judy Ryan, executive assistant to the president and Bob Caswell, executive director of Media and Community Relations spoke about the fees and the proposed 1,200-space parking garage.

Question of the week

Lorrayne Carroll, English: "She's really involved with individual students. She makes you feel welcome and she has a wealth of knowledge." Kristina Soboleski, English, junior Elizabeth Peavey, public speaking: "She's the most enthusiastic, well-spoken professor I've ever had.

Meet Joe Student

Name? Theresa Mary Rowe Major and year? Psychology, freshman Age? 19 Where are you from? Camden Why are you majoring in psychology? I really enjoy helping other people. What do you want to do with your degree? Become a guidance counselor, or maybe a clinical psychologist.

“Beautiful Mind” not Howard-quality,but Oscar-bound

"A Beautiful Mind" is one of those "high quality films" that the studios hold until the end of the year for the purpose of gaining little gold men. Oscar is king in Hollywood this time of the year. Some of these studio films are very good and deserve the praise they desperately seek, but others are usually jumbled messes that show evidence of too many fingerprints.

Creative breakfast at Brea Lu Cafe

People whizzing down Forest Avenue may miss it, but Brea Lu Cafe does exist, and serves breakfast all day! The small brick building sits alone at 428 Forest with a banner running down its side that reads "BREAKFAST" in large red lettering. Inside the cafe are high tin ceilings and plenty of old varnished wood.

Social hour for faculty and staff

USM Thursdays begin at Bleachers By Scott Marcoux Art and Entertainment Editor A chance to socialize with other faculty and staff members, a good deal on chow, and the day's sports highlights. Welcome to USM Thursdays at Bleachers. Bleachers Sports Bar and Restaurant, almost a part of the Portland campus for years, now offers two-for-one appetizers for USM faculty and staff 5 to 7 p.


Tuesday Diaspora lecture "The Diaspora as a Blessing in Disguise? Sephardic Trade Networks in the 16th and 17th Centuries," by Willem Klooster, reception and lecture to celebrate the opening of the exhibit "Exodus and Exile: The Spaces of Diaspora" (see Ongoing).


Aries (March 21-April 20) Social triangles may require diplomacy over the next three days. Watch for gossip, romantic speculation or unexpected invitations. For many Aries natives, new relationships will be controversial and slightly humorous. Taurus (April 21-May 20) Loved ones will ask probing questions.

Nightsky guide

Imagine an explosion in space so powerful that it is exceeded in power only perhaps by the Big Bang genesis. Fathom an explosion which produces more energy in a few seconds than the entire Universe emits within the same time frame. Comprehend an event one hundred times more powerful than the mighty supernovae eruptions.

Safe Zone supports GLBTQA community

You're 6 years old, walking down the street with your dad when two men walk by holding hands. Your father mumbles something as they pass and you ask daddy why he is suddenly upset. This is an example of the kind of everyday occurrences people deal with, explained Sarah Holmes resource coordinator of GLBTQA Resource Center.

Apple – the daddy MAC

Maine has been a proven national leader in progressive legislation in the past on issues such as health care and campaign finance reform. The state has once again taken a step ahead of the game. In the first week of the new year, the Maine Department of Education signed a four year, $37.

Pencil plea

To the Editor: We the 30th Student Senate, recognizing the diversity between pencil and pen users, hereby encourage the existence of pencil sharpeners in the classrooms and facilities of the University of Southern Maine. We regard the pencil, and as we have all made mistakes before, the eraser as a valuable resource during our academic training at USM.

Salary debate

To the Editor: Whose faculty salary is $68,000 a year? I wish it were true! Most faculty members' base salaries are below their years in age. The fact is that UMS faculty salaries rank 47th in the nation. Overall, the seven campus average faculty salary is $51,896 with the Orono faculty receiving the lion's share with an average salary of $55,200.

A full-time response to the part-time issue

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the second installment of a three-part series in which members of the USM community discuss their concerns regarding the part-time faculty situation featured in a Dec. 3 article by Steve Allan. This week's column is by Donald Anspach, president of the full-time faculty union.

It’s not our mess

Parking is a problem at USM. That may be the understatement of the year. The administration has been saying for years that it's working on a solution. The school has not-so-patiently been waiting for the day when parking isn't a 20-minute headache. That day has come.

Sorority alum gives back to Phi Mu

In 1979, Audrey Jankucic made a decision that changed her life. The USM sophomore received an invitation to join the Phi Mu sorority, and she accepted. From that moment on, Jankucic devoted her time and energy to the philanthropy of Phi Mu. Earlier this month she donated funds to create a sorority scholarship, called the Phi Mu Leadership award.


The University of New Hampshire doesn't have one. Neither does UMaine Orono. Their campus operators didn't even recognize the word. An ombudsman [om-buds-man] is somebody who tries to work out problems the easy way, according to Nolan Thompson. "When there's tension, people can sometimes step on each other's toes hard," Thompson, who works as USM's ombudsman.

Police logs

Thursday, Jan.10 A suspicious e-mail was received asking the receiver to set up an account so someone overseas could transfer money into an account. USM police said it may be a possible scam. The case was referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which traces any overseas e-mails.

Journey for a better life passes through USM

Florence Aliardo wants to go home. She wants to graduate from college, and see her family again. But, most of all, she wants to return to Kenya to save children's lives. Aliardo, who immigrated to America from Kenya at the age of 17, is a student at USM. She is learning English and working to become a matriculated student through the English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

Student parking fees to skyrocket

Full-time students will pay almost three times more to park at USM next year, according to a plan released by University officials late last week. The proposed $4 per credit hour fee will force a student taking 12 credit hours to pay $96. The following year the fee will double, costing a full-time student at least $192.