We all know that everyone loves a good party–the music, the dancing, the vibes and making friends! But if substances are involved, it is always a smart idea to be aware and take precautions so that everyone has a safe and fun night! 

 Know Your Limits 

When you’re out drinking with friends it is very easy to lose track of how much you are drinking. You’re enjoying the music you’re listening to, you’re playing games, you’re just having a great time being out with your friends. Sometimes it is easy to forget how many drinks you’ve had until the last minute. Sometimes it can not only make us feel sick in the morning but it can also make us do things that we would regret very easily. One way to help this situation is to know your limit! As a veteran in the party scene, knowing my limits not only saved me from being sick in the morning but it also saved me from having any regrets and embarrassing moments. 

One way that I practice knowing my limits is to be conscious of myself and how I am feeling. You can tell when you are starting to feel a lot more under the influence than you’d like. Pay attention to your body–if you’re sweating a lot, using the bathroom a lot, or engaging in a lot of impulsive actions that you normally wouldn’t do. These could possibly mean that you have had a little too much. Another way that I am learning to limit myself with my drinking is to have water in between my first, second, or even third (but that’s pushing it for me personally) drinks. When you have water along with your drinks it hydrates your body and it prevents a hangover. One last way that I practice knowing my limit is to eat a good meal before I drink, and also eat an even better meal after I drink! You should never–and I repeat NEVER–drink on an empty stomach! The reason why this is the last thing you want to do is because when you drink on an empty stomach the alcohol you drink will get absorbed way too quickly causing you to become intoxicated faster than you would want. And no, this doesn’t mean eating one package of ramen noodles, or one slice of pizza. You need to have a carb-filled meal. One of my favorite meals to have before a night of drinking would have to be any type of pasta, a full meal with chicken and a vegetable, or even some oatmeal.

Know Who You’re With  

When it comes to going out and partying you want to make sure that you are with people you trust–people that will not leave you alone anywhere, will not treat you badly if you do happen to have too much to drink, and will be by your side if you ever feel uncomfortable. There are many scenarios that can happen when you go out to a party. You want to make sure that you go out with people that will NOT leave you alone. It’s very important to stick with the people you came with and leave with them as well, even if you’re the only one who wants to leave or vice versa. My rule is to always leave with who I came with, even if it means leaving early or staying a bit longer. An alternative option is to call someone you know to come get you or to stay with the person who wants to leave. The goal is to never leave ANYONE behind. 

Of course, you always want to make sure that you are helping out the people you came with as well. This means that if they ever feel uncomfortable, have had too much, or feel like they want to leave, you will be by their side. This way, everyone feels included and safe. 

Have a Sober Driver

Lastly, the most important part of going out for a party or a night on the town is getting back home safe! It is important to ALWAYS have a sober driver. This is important because you want to make sure that everyone you came with gets back home safe and well. NEVER get into a car with someone who has been drinking. This seems like the most basic rule but believe it or not a lot of people do not follow it. They either get into the car with someone who says “I’m fine” or “I’ve only had one drink,” or they themselves have been drinking and decide to get behind the wheel. This not only jeopardizes their life but also other people’s lives! Either have someone on call or simply call an Uber. Driving drunk, buzzed, or having someone give you a ride home who is either of those things is NEVER worth it and could cost you your life or your friend’s life. 

Overall, partying is fun. But it’s important to be smart and put safety first! I always make sure that I am making the right decisions while I’m having a good time and enjoying myself. 

Stay safe, stay smart, and happy partying!


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