Living in a world of lies where everyone wants to waste time, but never wants to take the time to open their eyes.

In this world we live in secrets held, justice not given. Sometimes I just sit back and think about the children.

Things need to change. News outlets drive me insane, just repeating things that we know ain’t gonna change. 

Wanna talk about terrorism, racism, pain, and sadness.

But what about peace, sovereignty, happiness, where has that been? 

Look at pop culture, I know my people runnin’ it.

But look at our black women. Is this what we’re becoming? 

In speaking of my people, don’t let the media fool you.

They want what we got, don’t think that they adore you.

Its this thing called the matrix

I wish I could escape it

But instead I’ll have to keep my faith that I’ll reach higher places. 


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