By: Amy Hinshaw, FNP Interim Director Health Services

What does a USM student do if they test positive for COVID-19? Boy, do I know this answer well!  But do you, the staff students and faculty of USM know the answer?  What if you had to look it up?  In writing this article, I had to see what would happen if I searched the web. With deep diving, countless searches, and endless investigation I have ended up feeling like many of you likely have: frustrated, disappointed, and a bit infuriated at how tough this is.  My sincere apologies. Here is my opportunity to give you the basics about where to go and what to do IF you become COVID positive.

  1. Please call USM Health Services immediately at 207-780-5411 or email [email protected]. We are your first step in navigating this news.  You will speak with one of our medical providers or contact the tracing team who can give you clear, CDC-based guidance for your next steps.

2. Make sure you isolate yourself as soon as possible away from others. If you live on campus, stay in your dorm room and mask up until we talk with you. We have space on campus to care for you during your isolation period. Commuters, we will talk about your home environment and the best way to keep yourself and those around you safe.

3. As they say on the Healthy Huskies FAQs for Exposure and Illness, please take good care of yourself.  Finding out you have tested positive for COVID is stressful. You are not alone.  We want to talk with you, support you and help care for you during your illness and isolation.  

I’m keeping it simple. Call USM Health Services please, isolate and take care of yourself. STUDENTS: you’ve got Health and Counseling Services, Residential Life, Sodexo, the Dean of Students Office, and many more as your support team.  STAFF & FACULTY: Health and Counseling Services and your HR partner are ready to help.    

COVID is messy, even for us.  We want to help you, answer your questions and keep you and our campus as safe as we can.  Thanks for doing your part Huskies.  



State of Maine COVID-19 Information:

University of Maine System COVID-19 Self Report Form:

On your MyCampus Portal (  Health & Wellness > Healthy Huskies > Student/Staff/Faculty FAQ’s > Exposure and illness


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