Top New Year’s Resolutions For Stress Relief

The new year is here. How is everyone feeling? While resolutions are all good and well, sticking to fresh patterns, ambitions, or techniques to improve our lives can be demanding. As a college student, the difficulty of maintaining and achieving goals lies in the pressure to continually create success for the future. Don’t let the weight of society’s or loved one’s expectations weigh too heavily. To best set yourself up for a life that will continue to improve your mental health, consider these top New Year’s resolutions for stress relief.

Pick Up or Re-Start a Hobby

If you were to crack open a fortune cookie today, it might tell you it’s time to start something new. Start small and begin by thinking of ways to balance out the lifestyle you constantly juggle. As a young adult, you are in the prime time of your life to learn outside the classroom—virtual or not. Make the conscious choice to grow for the sake of learning and contribute to the world. Hobbies aren’t just diversions from school and work; rather, they’re activities that can boost your mood and make you feel like a vital part of society—which you absolutely are.

Express Inherent Gratitude

Gratitude isn’t just sitting around a table at Thanksgiving and gingerly expressing what you’re thankful for. Gratitude is regularly acknowledging facets of your life that are going okay. Friends and family can be hard to deal with at times, classes can be challenging, and life can drag you down—but all is not lost.

During the ongoing days of this year when you may feel like things aren’t going your way, sit down and write out one thing that is not wrong with the world or with your day. Yes, it may be cheesy, but forming a habit of positive thinking can only bring out the best in humanity. This cultivation of optimism is surely one of the top New Year’s resolutions for stress relief.

Learn To Take a Breather

Mindfulness is inner knowledge of where you have been and where you hope to go, as well as awareness of where you are. As a resolution, learn a few strategies to help you be present in the moment. Perhaps get artsy or express creativity. Artistic practices are fundamental for college kids. Pick up some colored pencils, knitting needles, a musical instrument, or a pen. Create something out of nothing.

Got slime? Do you know about the link between slime and ASMR? If you’d rather stick with a technology-based activity to trigger relaxation, watch a variety of ASMR slime videos for soothing sensations that are sure to destress your mind and body. When you are quick to respond to your needs and turn off your fight or flight response, you can put an adequate stress-free spin on life to keep moving forward into the future that lies ahead.



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