3 Jobs That Let You Work (Mostly) Alone

Let’s face it—not everyone can be a people person. As good as collaboration and interpersonal skills look on a resume, they’re not always going to be your biggest strengths. That’s okay! It’s important to find a career that matches your skillset and helps you feel satisfied and fulfilled at the end of the day. For some people, that might mean working in large groups to get the job done. For others, that means working independently to accomplish your goals. If you fall into the latter category, be sure to check out these jobs that let you work (mostly) alone.

Research Scientist

STEM majors, this one’s for you. If you feel at home in a lab but aren’t a fan of big group projects, you might consider becoming a research scientist. Whether you’re pursuing biology, physics, or any other field of science, you can land a fulfilling career as a researcher. Spend your days absorbed in your own work, theories, and experiments. Of course, you will eventually have to share your findings with colleagues for peer review. For the most part, though, research scientists enjoy a quiet independence that allows them to pursue their interests alone.

Truck Driver

What’s better than working independently? Working independently while traveling across the country. Truck drivers make a living transporting trailers, products, and other goods across the nation, which means you spend a lot of time alone on the open road. You can even become an owner-operator, where you own and learn how to maintain your own truck, further minimizing the number of people you have to work with. Of course, if you’re feeling sociable, some trucking companies allow you to bring a dog along to enjoy the ride.


Some accountants work with groups in large firms, but others spend their days in small firms or solo offices, making this one of the best jobs that let you work alone. You can even work as an independent consultant; in that case, you will only have to interact with your clients. An accounting job gives you plenty of time to enjoy the peace and quiet as you crunch numbers and organize financial records. If you have a knack for numbers more than people, an accounting career is perfect for you.


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