How To Maximize Window Space for Plants

No matter what type of home you have, you may not have enough window space. Construction in some decades didn’t emphasize natural light the way modern construction does. Most people are familiar with the benefits of natural light in a home, but not everyone has the luxury of living in a place with sufficient window space.

People who love plants encounter a challenge when living in homes without many windows: not enough sunlight to keep all their plants healthy. Discover how to maximize window space for plants.

Build Tiny Window Shelves

If you’re an avid DIY-er or don’t mind a project, you can always build itty-bitty window shelves for your plants on the tiny wall around your window. These little trim walls are typically about four inches wide and as tall as the window. Adding tons of tiny four-inch shelves creates so much extra space, so you don’t have to pile pots on your windowsill. This is a great way to maximize window space for plants.

Bonus Tip: Creating little shelves on the sides of your window trim also opens up your window, allowing more natural light to enter your home!

Make Use of Old Locker Storage Solutions

Another way you can make the most of your window space is by utilizing storage methods designed for lockers. Lockers are relatively tiny, considering how many books they must hold. There are tons of products designed for space-saving locker storage.

Try using wire “locker shelves” to stack plants near a window. These are typically tall enough for the average houseplant and skinny enough to keep from monopolizing your entire window.

Reflect the Light

When you only have so many windows, the natural light may be stagnant in your apartment. This greatly limits the space available to your plants. One way to increase the natural light in your home is by installing reflective surfaces. The easiest way to do this is to install mirrors around your home—but for interior decoration, this isn’t always ideal.

Instead of wallpapering your home with mirrors, try installing a white mosaic tile backsplash. It’s reflective enough to help the light bounce throughout your entire room, leaving additional space on your window for plants!


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