Sebastian "Seabass" Pettitt calling basketball game // photo courtesy Sebastian Pettitt

Sebastian Pettitt, or “Seabass” has been bringing USM sporting events to life with his voice for the last four years as a play-by-play announcer for just about any and all sporting events. 

Seabass has done over 400 NCAA games in his career but is most likely calling men’s and women’s soccer as well as field hockey and occasionally some basketball. But that doesn’t mean you won’t hear him calling other games. 

“I think I’ve made my rounds to pretty much every sport except for hockey,” said Seabass. 

Before getting behind the microphone for the Huskies, Seabass went to high school at Maranacook Community High School in Readfield, ME. He later graduated from Winthrop High School in Winthrop, ME in 2014. While in high school, he was involved with athletics with his love being soccer. “I was playing soccer in the fall, outside as well as travel teams and whatnot into the summer,” said Seabass. 

Seabass has planned on continuing his soccer career at USM in the fall of 2014 but during the summer, “I, unfortunately, had to work in the summer to make money, but I had done a lot of damage to my legs and wanted to keep playing, but making money and going to school to play soccer wasn’t going to be a thing that was really possible for me to do.” said Seabass. 

Just because he wouldn’t end up playing soccer didn’t mean he wasn’t going to be around soccer. Seabass picked up a job being the team manager during his freshman year at USM while studying sports management. He got his first big break during a game in which the normal announcers couldn’t show up. “The communications director of USM came up to me and told me they didn’t have anyone to call the game, so I went up and she showed me the buttons and that was the start of it all,” said Seabass.

Since that day in the booth, Seabass has found that calling a game in the booth is extremely rewarding. “I’d say that one of the more rewarding feelings of doing what I do is I get to be a part of so many special moments and I get to bring those moments to life,” said Seabass. 

One of those moments came a few years ago when the Men’s Soccer team was competing against Castleton University from Castleton, Vermont. The game was coming to a close and USM was tied with Castleton 1-1. With about 1 minute left, the Huskies scored to go up 2-1 which sent them to their first Little East Conference Playoff berth in 11 seasons. “Those seniors hadn’t touched a playoff game, and seeing them play in that game like their lives depended on it. When the goal went in you could see what it meant to the guys on that team, and that moment is probably my number one moment for me,” said Seabass.

With the fall season of athletic competition at USM being canceled due to COVID-19, Seabass is focused on doing the other things in his life he enjoys doing when he is not calling games. Currently, he is focused on providing the customers and league members of the Junction Bowl in Gorham, Maine with the best experience possible. “Right now the biggest challenge for me is providing people with a competitive but fun experience, while also keeping everyone safe,” said Seabass. 

Seabass recognizes the importance of safety and the health of not only the bowlers at Junction Bowl but also the athletes of USM and other colleges. With this being the first fall season in four years that Seabass cannot get behind a microphone and call a game for USM. “I know for me it has been, and I understand the situations that some of these kids are in. But at the end of the day, my number one thing is that I want them to be able to play, but play safely while they still can,” said Seabass.

If it hadn’t been for COVID-19 Seabass was on his way to calling his 500th game sometime this winter. Having called that many games, Seabass thoroughly enjoys his time in the booth. When The Free Press talked with Seabass in an interview he had this to say about those who are interested in being a part of a job that has brought him joy almost 500 times. “I would say if you have the knowledge and believe in your ability to talk about whatever sport you are talking about then I encourage you to make the jump. Reach out to too high schools, colleges in the area that you plan on doing games because the world has changed a lot, and maybe there could be a place that needs somebody to do play-by-play. For me, it has been just me announcing games, but if you’re somebody that is interested in it, reach out because I always have a second microphone at the table ready to go,” said Seabass.


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