The Most Common Men's Style Misconceptions

Being in college is an exciting time for anyone. You’re finding yourself and your personal style while developing the necessary skills that’ll drive your future career. Your college will take care of making you smarter and preparing you for the real world (assuming you do the work). We’re going to help you boost your style by debunking some myths. If you’d like to learn the most common men’s style misconceptions, check out our guide below.

“You can’t wear black pants with brown shoes”

If you wore brown shoes with black pants decades ago, most people would’ve thought you were out of your mind. Luckily, that changed in recent years, and people have since realized that brown looks great with black. Black jeans and brown boots are a great rugged look. If you want a dressier look that’s still fresh for an interview or a presentation, you could wear cognac brown loafers or brogues with black slacks. As always, if you’re wearing brown leather shoes or boots, your belt should match.

“Brands only make clothes for skinny and tall men”

Do skinny and tall men have an easier time shopping for clothes at brand name stores? Generally, yes, but you can too. You might find the perfect pair of pants that fit great, but they’re too long. That’s okay—get them anyway. Every stylish guy should have a go-to tailor because the way your clothes fit is more important than the clothes themselves. You could save and buy a $1000 suit, but if you don’t bring it to a tailor, it won’t fit properly, regardless of how much you spent.

“Don’t wear socks with shorts”

Of course, this is debatable for everyone, but you can wear socks with shorts. And we’re not talking about no-show socks; we mean regular, tall socks. There are several ways you can wear socks with shorts, but you have to own the look. Some people may say, “You look like a dad!” Whether that’s a compliment or not is up to you. The important thing is you’re confident when wearing socks with your shorts.

Obviously, there are hundreds of style rules, if not more, but we wanted to cover the most common men’s style misconceptions. By knowing the misconceptions, you open your wardrobe up to creativity, and you can own your look. As with anything in life, confidence is important. If you confidently wear your outfit, your classmates, friends, and professors will know that you mean business, and you’re here to conquer the class and your career.


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