Hobbies That Help Reduce Social Anxiety

Not everyone enjoys socializing. In fact, some people have great difficulty meeting or talking with new people. This can cause panic or anxiety attacks where the victim faces difficulty breathing, balance issues, a fast heart rate, and other concerning side effects. Fortunately, there are some activities one can do to avoid this and become more comfortable meeting new people. This is especially true in college where some students feel uncomfortable speaking in class or social events. Any student facing this issue should try out any of these hobbies that help reduce social anxiety.


Photography is a great way to meet new people and see new sights. You don’t need a fancy camera to do so either. Simply get a camera—even a smartphone will do—and some editing software or applications. Then, get started. It will help taking pictures of things or places you’re familiar with. From there, branch out into new territories. You might even ask strangers if you can take their picture. Thus, this introduces you to new people and helps curb your social anxiety.


Yoga helps you stay fit, go to new places (mentally and physically), and meet new people. Those who do yoga at home are not exposed to new faces as those in a studio. Therefore, join a yoga studio for some spiritual and physical guidance. You’ll meet new people who can teach you the guiding principles of that discipline as well as its moves and poses. More so, physical fitness releases endorphins which decrease depression and anxiety and increase positive feelings.

Join a Book Club

Join a book club if you want a hobby that helps reduce social anxiety in a quieter, more intimate setting. Often, these meet weekly to discuss a chapter and book of the group’s choice. It goes without saying that book clubs offer private atmospheres where you can discuss likes, dislikes, opinions, characters, and events from that novel. Find a book club in your local library, bookstore, café, or through social media. Many people find comfort and security through virtual book clubs in their own homes. All you need is broadband internet access and a webcam or microphone to discuss the book with other members.


Finally, cosplaying is a great way to break out of your shell. Anyone wanting out of their comfort zone should try out this activity. While cosplay conventions are huge events, they’re also filled with people who have similar interests. This makes socializing less daunting. The premise behind cosplay is you dress as your favorite movie, TV show, comic book, manga, anime, or videogame character through a self-created costume. This can be an identical look or something completely imaginary. Regardless, cosplay allows you to become someone else while meeting lots of new people in the process. Read this great cosplay guide for beginners if this appeals to you.


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