Most Effective Ways to Boost Engine Power

One of the best parts of college life is driving around town. Whether you have a truck, car, or motorcycle, it’s convenient when you can travel around campus. Still, some people want to modify their rides in order to improve vehicle performance. To do that, read these tips on the most effective ways to boost engine power. Your horsepower and torque will be even greater than before, making some other students envious of your vehicle.

Cold-Air Intakes

A cold-air intake, or CAI, is an aftermarket part that brings cool air into an engine’s internal combustion chamber. Since hot air can overheat the engine, CAIs are one of the most efficient engine boosters on the market today. Cold air is dense, which, when blended with fuel, produces power during combustion. As it warms, it becomes unrestricted, which can lead to further performance issues. Unrestricted air flow can make the engine noisy, slow, and cause turbulence. A CAI keeps airflow constant and the engine cool.


Similarly, superchargers are air compressors that increase the air density within the internal combustion chamber. Like a cold-air intake, it cycles the air in this chamber to emit hot air while supplying constant cool air. Superchargers let more fuel burn and do more work, which forces more power from the engine. The supercharger is considered a forced induction system, and this can add up to 50 percent more torque and horsepower to your vehicle, given its functionality.

Performance Exhaust Systems

The exhaust system is also an effective way to boost engine power. The exhaust system is the piping used to emit hot gases away from the combustion chamber. While the supercharger increases engine power, the exhaust system releases the condensed air trapped in the engine. Performance exhausts are especially important for muscle cars, like Mustangs. In fact, there are some contenders for the best Mustang GT exhaust systems that increase its horsepower and torque.


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