Over 1,000 protestors lay on Commercial Street in Portland for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in honor of George Floyd Friday, June 2. Cullen McIntyre/Web Editor

By: Asha Tompkins, Editor-in-Chief

Photos: Cullen McIntyre, Web Editor

“Say his name: George Floyd. What’s his name? George Floyd.” I look around and see history being made. Hundreds, thousands gather in the streets. Their throats are strained and raw as they beg and plead with uniformed bodies. Human beings fighting for their right to live and die by the natural forces of nature, rather than at the hands of their fellow human beings.

“No justice, no peace. No racist police.” Tears stream down faces out of anger, frustration and desperation. She projects her voice, reminding the world that she and millions of others will not allow Black people to be murdered because of the color of their skin.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that,” Martin Luther King Jr. said. People stand united across the country, across the globe, to represent the love that must overcome the hate that has plagued the justice system.

The protestors chatter through the streets, “it’s heartbreaking that we have to do this,” I hear one say. “The police sprayed tear gas in my sister’s eyes last night,” another said. “She was standing silently, she was peaceful.”

We exercise our first amendment rights as citizens of the United States of America to appeal to the humanity of the authorities, of our leaders. We exercise our rights to abolish injustice. We exercise our rights to protect and uplift those who are silenced. History is being made. It’s time that we all take the side of justice. Only so many words can be said about this time, actions must be taken. 

If you have the funds, donate to:

  • Organizations who are for law reform
  • Memorial funds that preserve the memory of Black people who have died due to police brutality
  • Local Black-owned businesses
  • Legal aid, for efficient legal representation
  • Mutual aid
  • Bailouts for arrested protestors
  • Individual and direct funds for people who need aid.

A few causes you can donate to:



If you don’t have the funds, you can:

  • Watch youtube videos where adsense is donated to the Black Lives Matter movement and other funds as mentioned above
  • Sign petitions such as “Justice for George Floyd” on Change.org, Colors of Change #JusticeForFloyd, etc.

Participate, educate and listen. Racism cannot be tolerated.


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