Fun Ways to Exercise Without the Gym

You might have frequented the campus gym back before the COVID-19 situation started, but you’ve probably been cooped up inside for a while now without access to an exercise facility, even back home. You don’t want to become physically unhealthy and give way to a completely sedentary lifestyle, though. At the same time, it can be tough to motivate yourself to do anything but sit around when the bed, couch, and desk are so near at all times. Why not try these fun ways to exercise without the gym if you’re struggling to stay active?


You might have dabbled in your fair share of dancing already or maybe you’re a complete novice. Either way, you can get your heart rate up while learning something new and enjoying yourself. You can go completely casual, turn on some of your favorite music, and start moving however the songs lead you.

Alternatively, you could go online and look up tutorial videos teaching you moves for general dancing, breakdancing, or any other style that interests you. Now might be the perfect time to figure out how to look less awkward in situations that call for dancing in the future as well.

Pull-Up Bar Challenge

A simple doorframe pull-up bar that you can hang from any doorway in your house is exceedingly valuable when you’re trying to find fun ways to exercise without the gym. It won’t cost a fortune, either. You can build your upper-body strength and endurance by doing the classic pull-up and chin-up with it. Just going up to the bar and trying to complete a workout a few times a week might not sound attractive to you, but you can make a game out of it to up the entertainment factor.

To do so, place the bar in an area you must pass many times each day, and don’t allow yourself to walk by without doing a couple pull-ups or chin-ups. Each session will be brief, and you’ll strengthen yourself bit by bit as it becomes a habit. This format can make doing the exercises much less daunting and more enjoyable.


Biking around your neighborhood is yet another way you can exercise without it becoming a chore. It gives you a reason to breathe in the outdoor air and move around without the action feeling as drab as a plain walk. You can also travel greater distances at more exciting speeds so that the scenery around changes and the wind blows by you in a satisfying way.

If lots of hills or rough terrain are slowing you down and making the ride more grueling than you want it to be, there are bikes you can find that will help with that. Some might have more gears to switch between and others may have more tread on their tires. You can even find e-bikes that have built-in motors you can turn on to assist your pedaling.


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