5 Ways You Can Improve Your Study Habits

As the results from your final exams come back, you might feel disappointed about the grade you received—it happens to the best of us. These exam grades may mean that you should rethink how you go about preparing for an exam. Here are some ways you can improve your study habits, so you can do better next semester.

Go to the Library

One of the hardest parts about studying is avoiding distractions so that you can focus. This can be difficult to achieve at home, but a library offers the perfect environment for studying. Studying is all about finding the right place where you can prepare for important exams.

Listen to Classical Music

A library is an excellent place to study because it offers peace and quiet, which is critical if you want to retain important information. With this, listening to classical music is another way you can improve your study habits, as it can encourage you to focus. Just try not to use your phone for anything else. If you have wireless earbuds, store your phone in your backpack so that you don’t feel tempted to use it.

Organize Your Notes

To be successful in college, it’s important to remain as organized as possible. Color is a useful way to go about studying, which is why many classrooms utilize color-coding. You can use color to highlight important pieces of text, bookmark pages, and organize your notes. You’ll accumulate a lot of notes over the course of a semester, and using colors can help you divide it all up.

Plan Ahead

One of the greatest benefits to organization is that it allows you to plan ahead. This is a key component of studying because you have the ability to breakup your study sessions. Focus on one chapter or section a night, instead of cramming for it the night before, so you can get good sleep. Starting a little bit of studying early will make the exam feel less overwhelming as the date approaches.

Study Right Before an Exam

If you have time right before your exam, use it to review your notes and flashcards before then. This will help you retain as much information as possible before you head in and take your exam. This doesn’t mean you should cram in last-minute information; it should just be a little refresher, so the information is closer to the front of your mind.


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