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By: Cullen McIntyre, Sports Editor

Cam Labrie, of the Men’s Indoor Track & Field team is sprinting into his final season with the Huskies.

The exercise science major of Tamworth, New Hampshire graduated from Kennett High School as a two sport athlete in soccer as well as track. Labrie claimed second place in the 400-meter and 11th in the 100-meter prelims at the 2016 New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA).

He spent his first year of college at White Mountain Community College before transferring to USM. Labrie earned several honors in his first season with the Huskies, earning Division III All-New England honors at the Little Eastern Conference (LEC) Championships as well as being named in several LEC Relays of the Week.

In his second year at USM he earned All-Little East Conference honors in the 600-meter where he finished first and winning 4×400 relay at the LEC Championships. The New Hampshire native was named in various LEC Relays of the Week throughout the season.

Labrie has also competes for the Men’s Outdoor Track & Field team in the Spring.

The Free Press spoke with Labrie about his upcoming final season and what he looks to do after graduating this year.

Q: Why did you choose exercise science as your major?
A: I chose exercise science to open doors to begin my journey on becoming a PT or chiropractor. I believe that the education and experience that exercise science will give me will be invaluable when getting my Doctorate Degree.

Q: What brought you to USM?
A: I heard USM was a good school and my best friend Jack Ricker went here so he helped encourage me to come to USM.

Q: When did you start running track?
A: I started running track freshman year of high school.

Q: Why do you run track?
A: I run track because I enjoy the competition and being in really good shape.

Q: What is something you’ve learned from track that has translated into your life outside the sport?
A: Never giving up is something track has taught me. Track is a culmination of hard work for a few mins or seconds of running. You may feel like crap at practice one day but if you keep working hard the results do show themselves.

Q: How do you balance school with track?
A: I balance school with track by just doing my work in my free time. There is not as much free time when you are competing so doing work on the weekends and not just sitting back is huge in staying on top of schoolwork.

Q: What do you do outside of track?
A: Outside of track I spend a lot of time hanging out with friends. I also listen to podcasts in a lot of my free time too.

Q: What are you planning to do after school?
A: I plan to open a business and get my doctorate degree in chiropractic and/or PT.

Q: Who is your inspiration in life?
A: My inspiration in my life is Ashton Eaton. He is such a good athlete and hard worker. He also is a really good person and that’s what I want to strive to be.

Q: How have your coaches helped you on and off the track?
A: My track coaches help me a lot with just confidence on the track. Off the track, they really stress being punctual and following through with things.

Q: What piece of advice would you give to other student-athletes that are looking for success?
A: The days that you feel unmotivated are the days that will make or break you. Do what you can to stay motivated on those days.

Q: If I were to ask a teammate “Tell me about Cam”, what would they say?
A: Haha my teammates would probably say I’m a goofball. At practice I just joke around a lot. I would hope they say I’m a good teammate as well. I think everyone one the guys feels supported by one another which is pretty cool.

Q: Having such a successful season last year in indoor, what are your goals for this season?
A: My goals this season is to be all New England in the 400 meter in indoor and outdoor new England’s and go to nationals in an event.

Q: When you look back on your time at USM, what will your remember?
A: I will remember winning LEC championships with the guys. The energy we have before during and after the meet is unforgettable.


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