Cullen McIntyre / Sports Editor

By: Cullen McIntyre, Sports Editor

Intramural sports at USM is a place for students, on-campus or commuting, to come together for a relaxed and competitive environment. For students who do not participate in the athletic programs on campus, competing in intramurals is a fun and easy way to compete in the various sports offered during the fall and spring semesters.

The USM Intramural sports offered this semester were a 3v3 Beach Volleyball League, Ultimate Frisbee League, Outdoor Soccer League, 3v3 Outdoor Basketball League, Flag Football League, and a Spikeball tournament. The sports were split into two sections throughout the semester, with flag football and spikeball being offered in the final half of the fall semester.

For students competing in the sport, it can be a place to meet new people and create lasting connections on campus. Jaryd Traverso-Penn, a freshman exercise science major who plays in soccer and flag football, participating in intramurals have helped him in his first semester on campus. “It definitely is a good connection to meet new people, the environments great, and all-around everyone’s a really good sport.”

Angie Dubois, a senior communications & media studies major and Women’s Track & Field athlete, plays intramural soccer. Playing the sport gives her another way to stay active and destress, “It gives me a nice break from worrying about homework or chores or track,” she said. “I’m glad they offer intramurals at USM because it offers people who don’t do a sport a way to stay active and be in a team atmosphere.”

Intramural soccer is held every Tuesday night, either on Hannaford Field or in the Costello Sports Complex depending on the weather. Each game is 30 minutes, with 15 minute halves. “I’ve always loved playing soccer and thought it would be fun, and it’s made my experience better,” said Dubois.

Brandon Hallee, a senior leadership and organizational major, has played intramurals since he decided to stop playing Men’s Lacrosse his sophomore year. Hallee plays intramural basketball and flag football, and has found the relaxed environment to be beneficial, “Intramurals provided me with the opportunity to have that experience later in the day when I was free and it was also pre-organized, so all I had to do was show up,” he said. “They have allowed me to maintain physical fitness and also gives me something to look forward to later at night. I’m a huge sports guy so I really enjoy getting to play whatever it is on the specific evening its scheduled on.”

Hallee is a resident assistant in Upperclass Hall, and is apart of the RA flag football team named ‘Narcs’, giving him time to get closer with his fellow resident assistants as well as students at USM. “It’s a great program to have and I am glad to be a part of it,” he said.
The USM Intramural Sports program provides a mission statement for how the program functions, and what students can expect while participating in intramurals, “The Intramural

Sports Program at USM is designed to provide an opportunity for students to participate in recreational competition. This program allows undergraduate and graduate students to practice good sportsmanship in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that promotes wellness, community, and competitive pride.”


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