5 Helpful Tips for Driving in the Winter

Bad weather can change the way we drive in a big way. Driving is hard and dangerous enough as it is without inclement weather conditions. It can be tough to adjust to snow after not dealing with it for many months, so get a refresher on how to handle it before the winter comes. Follow our helpful tips for driving in the winter so you can be ready.

Drive Slowly

One of the best things you can do is to drive slowly when the conditions get bad. You will want to do this because driving in the snow or on a slick road can lead to less control of your vehicle. Consider driving under the speed limit and following the flow of traffic. If you have four-wheel or all-well drive, use this as well, so you get better traction on the road. This is especially helpful when you are turning. Because you will be traveling at slower speeds, make sure you give yourself more time to get to your destination.

Warm Up Your Car

Before you head out and drive your vehicle, warm up your car beforehand. Give your car at least five minutes to warm up so everything is defrosted, and your car is comfortable enough to be in. However, the main reason why you want to warm up your car is so you can heat up your oil. It may also take you a few tries to get your car started in the cold climate, and heating it up first helps.

Pump Your Bakes

As you drive on slick roads in the winter, chances are you may slip and spin out. It is common to instantly slam on your brakes, but this can just make things worse. Another helpful tip for driving in the winter is to pump your brakes instead of slamming on them. This will give yourself more traction to allow your car to come to a complete stop faster in the snow.

Make Sure You Can See

Another thing you should do before you head out is to make sure your vision isn’t blocked. Your vision on the road couldn’t be more important than when you are driving through snow. Shovel all that snow off and make sure your windshield wipers are working properly so you can operate your vehicle to the best of your abilities.

Be Prepared

You will want to have your car equipped with a scrapper so you can wipe your car off; that way, you will see clearly and can drive safely. Another item you should have in your car is a foldable shovel, so you can get your car out of the snow if it gets stuck.


  1. My spouse and I just moved to a part of the country that gets a lot of snow during the winter. I grew up in the south where we hardly ever got snow throughout the year. I appreciate you talking about warming up my car before-hand so that it’s easier to drive in the colder mornings.


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