Photo Courtesy of Dionne Smith/ Director of Photography

By: Nancy Davis Griffin, Chief Operations Officer

Sometime on Saturday evening or early Sunday morning the underground fire main going into Woodbury Student Center burst.

Parts of Woodbury experienced up to 6 inches of water. Due to the damage caused by this burst pipe, Woodbury Student Center will be closed for the next 2+ weeks.

Please note the following important information:
Staff members from Facilities Management, Student Affairs/Dean of Students, Public Safety/University Police, Presidents’ Office, Auxiliary Services, Sodexo and Finance & Administration responded immediately.

The Portland Fire Department and City officials also responded and were on site on Sunday morning. Engineers were brought in and we are working to determine the cause of the broken pipe and to repair damages caused by the water, etc.

BOOKS – if you are a student who has not picked up your books for fall classes, your books will be moved to the Glickman Library first floor desk and will be ready for pick-up at 12 noon on Monday, September 23rd.

STUDENT EMPLOYEES – If you work in the Woodbury Student Center please contact your supervisor for updated information regarding your work location, etc.

MEDITATION AND PRAYER SPACE – 714 in the Glickman Library will be set-up as a Meditation and Prayer Space.

FOOD – All food in Woodbury was transported to Gorham under the supervision of the City Health Inspector (a big thank you to Rodney Mondor, Dean of Students, and Alec Porteous, Chief Business Officer for coordinating this move and for driving the vans). Sodexo will have extra grab-and-go food items in the Glickman Library, first floor of Luther Bonney and on the 2nd floor of the Law School.

INFORMATION – More information regarding Woodbury will be sent to you tomorrow near the end of the day. Please know staff have been calling student leaders and others who are directly impacted by this building closure to make sure they know what is happening. Again – an update on this situation will be sent to the community tomorrow near the end of the business day.

Thank you for your patience while we respond to this situation.


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