How to Be a Good Teammate on and off the Field

There are so many lessons to take away from sports that will help you in life. One of them is learning how to work well with others and be leader on and off the field. With many college sports seasons on the horizon, understand how to be a good teammate to create a stronger team bond.

Stay Positive

In sports, emotions can soar throughout a game. One of the best things you can do for your teammates is to stay positive. There will be times when mistakes happen, and you need to be there to pick a teammate up and shift their focus onto the next play.

Be Selfless

It can be easy in sports to take matters in your own hands, but successful teams work better as a unit. This means playing your role and trusting your other teammates to make that next play.

Hold Others Accountable

To be a good teammate, sometimes you need to be tough on others. To win, everybody needs to work their hardest to achieve greatness. Make sure you hold others accountable when it comes to watching film, practicing on their own, and doing their school work.

Treat Everyone with Respect

On a team, regardless of how many minutes they play, everybody has an important role. That’s why you need to treat all your teammates with respect. You can remain competitive on the field, but you should welcome them with open arms outside of practice. Show you’re open to talk about anything with your teammates, as well. This helps build relationships and helps create a stronger team who will go above and beyond for each other.

Give it Your All

Something you can do to help your teammates the most is to give your best effort at all times. In practice, you should not go easy against your teammates, because you want to simulate a real game. This will help improve their game, especially since you’re used to playing against them and know their tendencies. Giving your best effort can also be said for the classroom; you want to be a good role model, especially for incoming freshman.


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