How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Apartment

Are you going to be living off campus this coming school year? An apartment is an exciting change of pace from a dorm room, but keep in mind that in apartment complexes, you often have less control over the air you breathe. That’s why we wrote a brief guide on how to improve the air quality in your apartment. Whether you’re still deciding on your housing situation or have already settled into a place while completing a summer internship, we encourage you to reference this guide and use our tips to boost your comfort.

Invest in an Air Purifier

Yes, there are mini air purifiers out there that you can buy for small spaces! Thanks to their powerful filters, they can effectively clean the air in your apartment, so they’re perfect for people with asthma and allergies. An air purifier is also essential if you’re going to live in an older building, which may contain dangerous mold. While air purifiers may seem pricey, many retail stores carry budget-friendly options. They’re absolutely worth the investment now, especially if you later decide to live in the same space next year.

Keep Your Apartment Clean

Maybe you have a roommate who owns a hairy dog, or maybe your packed schedule doesn’t allow you any time to tidy up. No matter the circumstances, an unkempt space won’t make the air in your apartment any better. However, by prioritizing a clean living area, you can avoid dander, dust, and other indoor allergens.

Open the Windows

Sometimes, all you need to feel instantly better is a little outdoor air—and lucky for USM students, the ocean is within close proximity, so the air is particularly crisp! Don’t be afraid to crack a window and enjoy the breeze.

Opt for Plants

Plants not only look fantastic in any apartment, but also promote cleaner air. Aloe vera, snake plants, and spider plants are common low-maintenance varieties that will effortlessly liven up your space.


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