5 Oils to Put in Your Diffuser to Promote Relaxation

An increasing number of college students are suffering from stress-related ailments. According to a study published in the Medical Journal of Depression and Anxiety cited by ABC News, “three out of every four college students reporting at least one stressful life event within the past year.” Common causes of stress for college students involve the pressure to meet increasingly high expectations, the transition to living in a new place, and changing self-identity.

Not only do high levels of stress impact their ability to learn, but it can also lead to serious health issues. This includes increased rates of depression, anxiety, personality disorders, insomnia, and cardiovascular disease. As such, it’s important to address symptoms of stress to better manage them. One simple way to decrease stress levels and promote relaxation is by using a diffuser. When using the right scents, aromatherapy can decrease levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and increase contentment. Here are some of the best oils to put in your diffuser to promote relaxation.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils used for aromatherapy, and for good reason. It’s believed to calm the body and decrease anxiety. For students trying to get a good night’s sleep before a big exam, plop a few drops of lavender oil into your diffuser. Its sedative effects will make it easier to catch those z’s.

Cedarwood oil

Cedarwood helps calm the mind and relieve tension to reduce stress levels. Its aroma promotes the release of the chemical serotonin which has several benefits, including improving one’s mood and regulating social behavior. The oil also works as a natural sedative to help regulate sleep patterns.

Eucalyptus oil

If you need to relax while still staying focused and getting work done, eucalyptus oil can help. Its minty aroma is known for boosting energy levels, clearing your mind, and promoting relaxation. As a bonus, eucalyptus oil may even help treat fevers, migraines, congestion, and other respiratory issues.

Jasmine oil

Similar to lavender oil, jasmine oil is known for its sleep-inducing qualities. It has a sweet, floral scent and can help reduce anxiety.

CBD oil

While not necessarily used for aromatherapy, CBD oil can help enhance the effects of other essential oils. CBD oil is known for its many health benefits which include decreasing anxiety, depression, migraines, and heart disease. Many individuals also use it as a natural pain reliever.


  1. That’s interesting that leader wood would help your body to release serotonin. I feel like that would help anybody to feel good while they are smelling it. I’ll try some of that out if I decide to get a scent diffuser for my house.


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