By Zoe Bernardi, Community Editor  

Music is a great way to set a summertime mood. My friends and I like to make a monthly playlist to share music while we enjoy time together. Each month we find songs that are good for driving, dancing and hanging out. These tunes are for people who vibe with alternative, pop, and mellow music that really set the tone and complement the experience.

Dance music must be upbeat and make you want to groove It needs a strong beat that makes you turn up the song loud.

I love to drive. When I am in the car, I always have music on to listen to while I drive to work, run errands or while I pick up a friend. This music can set the funky and relaxed mood while I drive, making me sing along, sway in my seat or reenact a scene from a classic summer movie.

These last tunes are for those moody days where you need to sit and get stuff DONE! Whatever you’re doing- work, internship, summer newspaper writing -these are good songs to listen to in the background. Rather than distract you, these tunes can push you to get that grind on. They are fun and upbeat, but not enough for you to get off track. They can also be played while you are hanging out with your friends or when you need to take time for yourself.



Enjoy these playlists! Listen and share with your friends and find more cool music.


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