How to Build Your Resume Over the Summer

Summer vacation may be a great time to lounge by the pool and work on your tan, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to gain valuable work experience and hone your skills. These five tips for how to build your resume over the summer will help you stand out above the rest and earn you the job of your dreams in no time.

Get a summer job

Though they may not always be in your desired career field, summer jobs are a great way to build your resume over the summer. Seemingly unremarkable jobs like lifeguarding or retail work help you gain invaluable skills that will prepare you for the working world post-graduation. Not only do these jobs help bolster your resume with special skills, but they can help you make a little extra money that can go toward tuition or rent during the school year.

Score an internship

While summer jobs are a great way to earn some money and gain work experience, they may not be the most relevant to your field of study. Internships, however, are more likely to provide you with work experience that is specific to your desired career. If you have trouble securing an internship this summer, try reaching out to a professional in your chosen field to schedule a job shadow. Many professionals will be glad to meet someone interested in their career and are usually more than happy to walk you through a day at their company.

Volunteer your time

The fight for internships gets competitive quickly and sometimes things just don’t work out. If you can’t land your dream internship this year, you can still gain valuable experience in your desired career field by volunteering at an organization in the same industry. Many non-profits are always looking for volunteers to help, and even though you won’t get paid for your time, you will gain valuable work experience and knowledge of the industry.

Take summer classes

After a long semester of lectures and difficult final exams, the last thing you probably want to do is take more classes. Taking classes over the summer, however, is a fantastic way to build your resume and ensure that you don’t lose important information you learned from the previous semester. Summer classes are usually offered on an accelerated schedule, so you can knock out a couple courses in a shorter time and potentially graduate earlier.

Build your portfolio

If you’re looking for a more relaxed way to build your resume, spend some time working on projects that build your portfolio. Potential employers will often look at more than just your resume, and building a portfolio is an awesome way to stand out from other candidates. Consider starting a blog or doing freelance work over the summer. Pursuing projects that build your portfolio will show employers that you’re a self-motivated individual—they’ll be jumping at the chance to hire you.


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