Lydia on a rock Photo by: Matthew Swanick

By Lydia Libby, Web Editor

Desk at NEWS CENTER Maine

Every summer since I was 15, I have worked, balanced some form of classes and attempted to remain active and social. I know for many others this is the case. Even for those who are just beginning to balance all of these tasks at once, you realize how challenging it can be. Through it all, I can promise that you, like myself, will make it through it. It is all about balance.

This summer I am working at NEWS CENTER Maine as a digital content producer. In my role, I write web articles, manage social media and work with our web streaming technology. I work four-five days a week year-round, which takes up quite a bit of time. Because of my work schedule, I am taking two online classes this summer to further along my bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies.

On top of my job and classes, I also look forward to doing yoga and having time to spend with my boyfriend, friends, and family. Summer is one of the few opportunities I have to really see people because most people have time to take vacations. However, with my funky work schedule and maintaining grades in my two classes, I have to plan out carefully when I do the fun things I want to do.

My tips for surviving and balancing a summer break are quite simple. First, buy yourself a planner. Having a planner to physically write down what I need to do for the week helps to organize my life. I am able to track assignments, when I need to work, when I want to go to yoga, see people, etc. Second, if you are taking classes over the summer and working, set aside time to do your assignments so that they are accomplished on time. Third, make sure to reach out to people and make plans in advance. Scheduling will allow you to have the time to spend time with friends without feeling rushed by obligations.

In the end, it is all about time management. It is possible to take classes, work and still enjoy your summer. Things may feel more condensed compared to those who are not doing as much during their summer, but it is still possible to have fun. USM offers condensed 4 week and 7-week classes in two separate sessions to make it easier for students to have a bit of a break.


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