affordable destinations after college graduation

There is no better time to travel than right after you graduate college. During this time, you have weeks or months of freedom without having to worry about missing school or taking time off work—depending on how quickly you can line up a job. However, you probably also don’t have a ton of extra cash after paying college tuition for four years. As such, these affordable destinations for your post-graduation trip provide the perfect cost-effective adventure for recent graduates.

Southeast Asia

southeast asia

Don’t let the expensive price of a plane ticket scare you away—Southeast Asia is one of the cheapest places to visit once you arrive. Delicious meals frequently cost less than $3 and you can get quality accommodation for as little as $5. Spending a few weeks backpacking through Thailand, Malaysia, or Vietnam will quickly offset the high cost of airfare.



Diverse cuisine, 530 miles of coastline, and some of the most unique wildlife in the world are all highlights of this breathtaking country. Home to the world-famous Galapagos islands and Andes mountains, visiting Ecuador will surely make for an unforgettable trip.



If you are interested in traveling to Europe, Albania is an extremely affordable alternative to more well-known destinations such as England or France. Despite its low cost of living, stunning beaches, and 2,000-year-old ruins, travelers often overlook Albania. As such, you won’t have to squeeze through crowds of tourists or pay inflated prices.



Turquoise waters and abundant marine life make Panama one of the best scuba diving destinations below the equator. By staying in hostel dorms, eating at small local restaurants, and taking the bus, you can easily travel to Panama on a backpacker budget of less than $40 a day.



Bolivia is an adventure-lover’s paradise. Plus, you can easily travel it on less than $50 a day. From hiking the Inca trails to walking across the breathtaking Bolivian salt flats, there is no shortage of excitement in this diverse land.

If you are graduating college this spring, don’t let the opportunity to see the world pass you by— consider booking a flight to one of these affordable destinations for your post-graduation trip.


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