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By Cody Curtis, Staff Writer

When going to the movie theater, most,if not all, audience members are hoping for an enjoyable experience. However, when watching a film, sometimes the quality of the film does not matter. Movies such as The Room (2003), I, Frankenstein (2014) and this past weekend’s newest release Serenity, prove that movies can be so atrociously made, so horrifically awful in their result, that they are incredibly entertaining to watch.

Baker Dill (Matthew McConaughey) is a fisherman, whose ex-wife named Karen Zariakis (Anne Hathaway)  tracks him down to ask him to kill her current overly-abusive husband. After this question is asked, Dill has to choose whether he will do what is right, or kill his ex-wife’s husband.

Film is subjective and that is what makes it beautiful. Therefore, no one can fault another person if they disdain this film.

Both McConaughey and Hathaway have both won a prestigious academy award: McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club (2013) and Hathaway for Les Miserables (2012). What encouraged them to join a project such as this may never be known. They provide performances that feel as though they could be found on a Saturday morning looney-toons cartoon special. At one point, the two actors are in an intimate scene, but the tone mixed with delivery of certain dialogue in this scene almost made it unwatchable.The scene will make most audience members burst into tears from laughter.

Although this film is a complete train wreck, plenty of clever concepts are introduced, particularly at the midway point of the 106-minute runtime. The themes provided are enough to make any audience member think about their place in life and the relationships they have with the people around them. Unfortunately, those themes and messages would need to be in a better executed film. A good score and a few good actors are just not enough.

Very much like the films listed at the beginning of this article, the absolute best way to watch a film like Serenity is to get a large group of friends together, grab a bunch of popcorn and begin laughing, pointing out everything wrong with the movie. his may be the only way to watch films like this, because if one does decide to ask questions about the film’s quality it falls apart.

The month of January is usually a stomping ground for producers and studios to release films they have no faith in. Serenity is most certainly a January movie, however, this is also the most fun someone can have in a movie theater this week. So do yourself a favor and gather your closest friends and go to your local movie theater for a film that is truly a guilty pleasure.It’s worth a watch, at least once.


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