By: Cody Curtis, Staff Writer

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All Hallow’s Eve is only two days away. This begs the question, what movie should you see to fill your soul with as much dread and fun as possible? David Gordon Green, Danny McBride and Jamie Lee Curtis have come together to answer this very question. The Halloween franchise, which started in 1978, has released its next installment and it may very well be the best film since the first.

Forty years ago deranged serial killer Michael Myers slaughtered many of Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) friends and family, leaving her as one of the only survivors. Since that time, Strode has been preparing her family for the time when Michael Myers will eventually return to finish what he started and on, Oct. 31st, 2018 he does and the battle between Strode and Myers begins once more.

What is amazing about Halloween (2018) is just how respectful it is to the original. From performances to tone, this is one of the best homages to a previous film there is. In this film during scenes of quiet houses or people walking through the streets, you hear the sound of an ominous breathing in the background. The kind that sends a shiver down your spine and makes you realize that when you believed you were being observed, you were correct.

Michael Myers is known as one of the most iconic horror killers/monsters in history. The reason for this is his presence. As it was 40 years ago, Michael Myers can and will not be ignored. When he is on screen you are frightened and want to see what he does next. Every beat, every second that passes by you wonder, not only how Michael Myers will eventually reach Laurie Strode and enact his savagery, but also who he will brutalize along the way.

With the return of one of horror’s legends, also comes the brutal imagery. Halloween (2018) is definitely not for the faint of heart. If the idea of a man getting his head turned into hamburger looking mush, or a man having his head turned into a Jack-O-Lantern makes your stomach queasy, you may want to let this particular picture pass you by. However, this is certainly a film made for fans of terror and the Halloween franchise, specifically.

The number of easter eggs and callbacks to films within this blood dried franchise is enough to fill up its own article. However, references and homages will only make it so far in any film production. What would be a powerful draw is to have an incredible and strong female lead. Luckily this piece of cinema excels at this task.

Jamie Lee Curtis returning as Laurie Strode and brilliantly brings a sense of growth to the character. Not only is Strode still recovering from the events of 1978, but she is agoraphobic, she does not like to be in situations which make her or her loved ones scared or uncomfortable. Strode has been preparing for the return of Myers, while at the same time preparing her family for the dangers that lie ahead. This has caused her to be ostracized from the rest of her family. Curtis not only manages to give Laurie an incredible sense of vulnerability but at the same time brings incredible strength to her as well.

The reason why so many elements work in this film is because of director David Gordon Green’s love of the franchise and his sense of the characters. The screenplay written by Green and Mcbride does contain many cliches found in most conventional slasher horror films. One example is characters making overtly stupid decisions, which leads to getting killed. While this is a cliche and definitely overused, it is still fun to watch. This screenplay perfectly allows for Michael Myers to be terrifying and allows for the strength of Laurie Strode to shine through.

Halloween (2018) is back to provide the fun and suspense we need this terrifying time of year. If you are a fan of horror, iconic monsters, or a really in-depth look of post-traumatic stress, then this is the film is most certainly for you.


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