Eminem, Shady XV

Eminem’s new album “Shady XV” features one disc of his new material and one that has his greatest hits. His song, “Detroit Vs. Everybody” reminds listeners of how far he has come from being a man on the streets of Detroit to a world-renowned rapper. He raps, “Comin’ from them streets where they thirsty, starvin’ to eat / Just a step away from failin’.” Each song seems to tell a story straight from the heart of his struggles. His raw undeniable talent and ability to create a string of lyrical magic will have listeners switching between his greatest hits and his newest songs for months to come.

– Krysteana Scribner, Arts & Culture Editor

Into The Woods

The newest film from Disney, Into the Woods, provides experiences of musical symphony, lucid visual imagery and dark story-telling. This newest musical is based on the 1980’s Broadway play by the same name and explores the wondrous world of Grimm Fairy Tales. The intertwining of classic characters must meet in the woods to solve their unique problems together. It has dark parts, it has some comic relief and it lends itself to be felt more than merely passively watched.

– Sergey Miller, Free Press Staff


Black Mirror

The British television series, titled Black Mirror, is about the darker side of technology and what power it possesses. Each episode is a story in itself, the plot of each one focusing on a certain aspect of technology. One of the episodes, titled “The Entire History of You” tells the story of humans who have a memory implant that allows them to record everything they see, do and hear. This television series is definitely worth a watch for anyone who likes suspense and science fiction.

– Krysteana Scribner, Arts & Culture Editor


Down East Dickering

This show follows real ‘Mainahs’ around the state as they look through Uncle Henry’s classified ads for junk to buy, clean up and then sell to “flatlanders” from Mass. It’s a hilarious romp through Maine as rednecks dicker for bargains without opening their wallets and do odd jobs like remove a church bell, put on a new roof or catch chickens. There’s awesome accents, guns and lots of jerry-rigging and welding. The first season of the show is available for free on the History channel’s website.

– Brian Gordon, Free Press Staff


American Gods

After reading “American Gods,” Neil Gaiman solidified himself in my mind as one of the best contemporary writers. It takes a lot of ambition and courage to try and tackle the very nature of our American belief system, but Gaiman does so masterfully and engrossingly. In an incredibly well researched novel, Shadow is released from prison and is enveloped in the world of ancient deities. Old gods like Anubis and Thor wage war against the “new American Gods” of internet, media and technology. It’s creepy, suspenseful and oddly relevant.

– Francis Flisuik, Managing Editor


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