This letter was contributed by Andrew J. Doyle.

The University of Maine system has experienced a declining enrollment during a time when pursuing higher education has never been more important for Mainers. Combine that with the state’s declining graduation rate, and we find ourselves with a serious problem that has fell by the wayside at the hands of our current leaders.

It is time to address the root causes with long-term solutions in mind, and not just slap on a temporary band-aid that will create favorable press for a week. Our state needs a plan. We need a plan that serves the interest of our students. An unbiased, honest plan created with our future generations in mind.

Eliot’s plan for Maine isn’t a fake fix to make us feel good during his term of office — it’s a real, long-term strategy that ensures that every Mainer, regardless of age, has the opportunity to go to school and create opportunity for themselves. His independence from the parties is what gives me the greatest hope: he’s not pre-bought by special interests, doesn’t owe any political favors, and can remain focused on doing the right thing for Maine people, instead of the right thing for his political party.

Andrew J. Doyle


  1. Cutler at 15%. He should drop out and give Michaud his plan, and his support. Cutler would make a great commissioner for economic development.
    I am afraid Cutler’s ego is too large (or perhaps too small, not sure which) to permit him to do that. So we are headed into another 39% of the vote wins scenario, with Cutler as the spoiler this time.


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