Bryn Gallagher does it all–well, practically.

She’s involved in a number of on and off-campus activities and organizations. A junior sociology major and criminology minor at USM, Gallagher became the new president of the Sociology Club in the fall of 2013. “It has been a transitional semester,” Gallagher said. “It’s been hard to figure out what to do, but next semester will have weekly meetings and more events.”

Gallagher helped plan two blood drives for the Sociology club in the fall, one on Sept. 11 and the other on Dec. 9. Gallagher hopes to have more events on and off campus for the club to draw in more interest. “I would like to have a couple events in downtown Portland. Maybe have a silent auction or a local musicians night at Local Sprouts,” Gallagher said of her hopes for the spring semester.

Gallagher is also the co-chair for the Day of Service planning committee at USM for the annual event that will take place this spring. Gallagher said that last year there were seven spots around the Portland area that USM students went to, such as going to Back Bay to clean. “I live off campus, and I realized how easy it is to lose involvement with USM because of it. I think the Day of Service is important to do something through USM and to help the community,” Gallagher said. Gallagher stated that this year will be the fifth annual Day of Service.

Gallagher remains active outside of USM as well by canvassing for recently elected Pious Ali, who became the first African born Muslim on the Portland school board. Working with Ali had a personal impact on Gallagher. “Before helping with Ali’s campaign, I had never had an interest in education. I’ve never taken any education courses, but after working with Ali I realized my interest in it,” Gallagher said. Gallagher says that she still doesn’t know exactly what she plans on doing after college, but plans on graduate school at some point and cited UMASS Boston’s new Sociology program and Chicago schools as points of interest.

Gallagher works at USM’s office of internships and career placements which has helped her think of some options for the future, even if it is still indefinite. “I’ve made some great connections with faculty and staff through my job. I get to see all the options there are available and that has been an awesome resource,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher still has many interests she plans to pursue while she is still at USM such as education, political science and international relations. Gallagher plans on keeping herself busy both in and out of USM to help better the community.




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