We have the chance to make a meaningful difference here at USM on Nov. 5.

This opportunity involves everyone going to the polls and voting for Question 2, a bond issue that will grant the UMaine system $15.5 million toward science, technology, engineering and math lab and classroom upgrades. Of this $15.5 million, USM will receive $4 million.

If passed, Question 2 will provide jobs for Maine’s economy by hiring the workers needed to make the necessary improvements. We will provide jobs for construction workers, installation specialists, carpenters and a variety of workers from other professions. In tough economic times and a tight job market, the investment Mainer’s make by voting yes will result in an immediate return via lower unemployment.

If passed, Question 2 will be a much needed investment in our aging in-class infrastructure. We cannot efficiently and effectively educate students in classrooms with outdated equipment. It is a waste of university dollars, it is a waste of taxpayer dollars and it is a waste of our tuition dollars. If we want to efficiently and effectively educate future STEM workers and professionals, we should educate them with technology of the future, not of the past.

If passed, Question 2 will provide a highly trained and specialized work force ready to give back to the economy. A workforce which is trained in science, technology, engineering and math will make Maine attractive to businesses in a wide range of industries. Upgrading STEM labs and classrooms will facilitate the education of our future workforce and will provide incentives for business and industry to move to Maine.

Voting YES ON 2 on November 5th will make a difference for USM, the UMaine system and for Maine through jobs, infrastructure upgrades and ensuring that Maine has a competent and highly skilled workforce. The most direct impact this investment will have is on our learning experience. As students, we will benefit directly through these upgrades by improving the environment in which we learn and the tools with which we learn. So remember, remember, on the 5th of November, a Yes on 2 is a yes for you.

Marpheen Chann
Student Body Vice-President
Chair of College Democrats
Senior Political Science Major



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