“Hippie Happening” intrudes on sports fans

Tom Gallant reported on a “love-in” on campus in the Oct. 27 issue, estimating attendance at 75 people and three dogs. Richard Charette reportedly played his guitar and autoharp, singing “Caroline of the Roses.” Toward the end of the event, the participants walked into the campus TV room where students were watching the World Series, and spread rose petals on and around the baseball fans.

Wear your beanies, or else

A front page article in The Stein’s Sept. 17 Orientation Issue declared, “A freshman found without a beanie or name tag is apt to be accosted by an upperclassman with a severe reprimand and a summons to the Kangaroo Court.”

Damn good broad

In a front page editorial on Oct. 20, the newspaper lashed out at both students and administrators, writing in part, “The Stein has dropped the descriptive ‘apathetic’ and has realized the students are virtually dead.” According to the article, UMP students seemed to be unaware of anything around them, “unless it’s a damn good broad.” Of the Student Senate, it commented, “All we can see is a group of prima donnas meeting rather casually once a week to play make-believe politics.”

UC Berkeley chancellor blames student protests on bad child-rearing

In an I.P. news report published in The Stein on Oct. 13, UC Berkeley chancellor Roger Heyns was quoted as calling student protesters “products of a new permissive philosophy of child-rearing,” adding that they have not learned proper “standards of conduct.”

Ravi Shankar fans on drugs

Among Riche Charette’s subjects in his arts column during 1967 were the Beatles and Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar. Of the Beatles’ new album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” he wrote, “It is evident that their music has evolved into a totally new phase.” Of Shankar he wrote, “There are many types of people who like Ravi’s music. Those on drugs or under the influence of alcohol” are two examples.

Men wanted

“McDonald’s is looking for neat, clean-cut young men to work part-time,” an ad in the Sept. 22 issue read. The young men were directed to apply at 332 St. John Street. Elsewhere in the issue, the restaurant advertised “Pure Beef Hamburger” for 18 cents, “Tempting Cheese burger [sic]” for 25 cents, and “Delicious Filet of Fish” for 30 cents.

Surfing Snoopy

The Sept. 22 issue of The Stein reported on the activities of the surfing club, which during 1967 sponsored a dance, a surfing competition at Higgins Beach and “a couple of excellent surfing movies” at Luther Bonny Auditorium. “This hard-working club also won the snow sculpture award in last year’s Winter Carnival with a sculpture of Snoopy, the Peanuts character, on his surfboard,” the article said. Membership in the club was reported to be “completely open; you don’t have to be a surfer to join.”

“Socialist Women Barred from Campus”

Two unidentified women were asked by Director of Student Affairs Dorothy Dissell to leave campus because their “presences [sic] on campus was in violation of the Free Speech and Assembly policy of the University,” according to a front page story on Dec. 15. The women had traveled from Boston to give out campaign literature and collect signatures for the 1968 Socialist party presidential ticket.

Dorms at UMP?

Students had varying reactions to a proposal to build student housing on campus, according to a Mar. 16 article in the UMP Campus. “You bet!” replied student Dee Lyne Dyer, when asked if she would be willing to live on campus. Fellow student Brad Williams had another opinion: “Dormitories are prisons,” he said.

The GoodTimes

In an article that reads suspiciously like a record company press release, Carl Strube wrote of a new rock band hailing from Oregon in the Feb. 9 UMP Campus. “Whispers have already leaked out that The GoodTimes are going to be the brightest shining stars of the future,” according to the article, which compared them with the Beatles.

University follows student suggestion–35 years later

In a Nov. 17 editorial, The Stein wrote, “It is time the University considered either high-rise or underground parking at the Portland campus.”

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