Name: Heidi Carlson

Year: Senior

Major: Social Work

Answer: Yes, slightly. Airline security procedures have certainly changed. Also, 9-11 has changed the way I think about George W.

Name: Julie Rotolo

Year: Junior

Major: Media Studies

Answer: Yes. It’s changed how we interact with one another, especially in public. It’s also difficult to get away from the “hype,” and it forces you to think about and discuss terrorism. Every anniversary of 9-11 from now on, people will be on alert.

Name: Trevor J. Kraus

Year: Junior

Major: Nursing

Answer: The impact of 9-11 has done little concerning my personal life. I am not cold-hearted; I do feel extreme sadness for the 3,047 innocent lives lost. But, the more we mourn, the more we succumb to the threat and cause of terrorism. We must have strength and move on.

Name: Gina Capra

Year: Senior

Major: Women’s Studies & Social Work

Answer: It’s more of an annoyance than anything else. I’m tired of hearing about it. People are so obsessed with finding pity for what happened, and although it was unfortunate, other countries have suffered much greater losses since then due to Bush’s stupidity.


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