“When I was young, my mom used to give me something to bring to the teachers. It made me feel so embarrassed.”

Pat Rivard, criminal justice, sophomore

“I remember in school we used to put cards in little mail boxes for each other. Everybody sat down and opened them up, and there was all this candy.”

Kris Ward, exercise fitness, sophomore

“It was last year. I didn’t have a boyfriend and neither did this gay friend of mine. We decided to go out together and got completely trashed and we talked all night long. I had a really great time. I’d rather go out with him than any boyfriend.”

Jessica Blackman, criminology, junior

“Every morning my father used to put chocolates on the foot of the bed. It wasn’t a surprise, but my sister and I would wake up to all this chocolate.”

Kari Vance, undeclared, freshman

“I’m a lonely, lonely man with a lonely, lonely history.”

Eric Bailey, media studies, junior


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