Thursday, Dec. 6GORHAM – Criminal mischief was reported after someone took a park bench from the Athletic Department and hid it in the bushes near Anderson Hall. The police don’t have any suspects.

Friday, Dec. 7

GORHAM – Police responded to a possible arson after a small fire in a School Street parking lot almost spread to a parked car.

Det. Sergeant Ron Saindon said a pile of leaves went up in flames next to the car.

“It initially looked like somebody was trying to set the car on fire,” he said. “But it’s more probable that somebody threw a cigarette on the pile of leaves and it was an accident.”

He said there were several cigarette butts found in the area. The police have closed the case.

Saturday, Dec. 8

GORHAM – Joshua Annis, 19 of 508 Woodward Hall, was arrested on School Street for operating under the influence and illegal transportation of liquor. He was later released on personal recognizance bail and ordered to appear in court on Jan. 17.

Monday, Dec. 10

GORHAM – A stolen vehicle was discovered on campus. The USM Police recovered a 2002 Cadillac that was reported stolen in Windham. The Windham Police are heading the investigation and haven’t contacted the USM Police regarding any suspects on campus.

Saturday, Dec. 15

GORHAM -Criminal mischief was reported following the disappearance of two “No Parking” signs from School Street. Police determined two male students were involved and referred them to the Office of Community Standards.

Monday, Dec. 17

GORHAM – A possible bias incident was reported after hate graffiti was discovered on a vehicle window. A student returned to his car parked in parking lot G20 and found the word “gay” written in the dirt on the window.

“That’s not uncommon,” said Saindon. “A lot of people write things on windows.”

There are no suspects.

Wednesday, Dec. 19

PORTLAND – A bus driver reported being harassed during a trip from Gorham to Portland. Apparently, a passenger became very upset after the bus hit a large bump, according to Saindon. The woman then spilled some of her soda on the driver and became disorderly, said Saindon.

When the bus arrived in Portland, the driver called the police, but the woman had left the area by the time an officer arrived.

Thursday, Jan. 3

GORHAM – A male student reported being assaulted on the first floor of Dickey Hall.

The student heard a noise outside his room a little before 3 a.m. and went into the hall. When he stepped outside, he was attacked by two people, according to Saindon.

Saindon said the injuries weren’t serious enough to warrant a trip to the hospital.

The USM Police Department has some leads on the case and is continuing its investigation, according to Saindon.

GORHAM – Just after 3 a.m. a fire extinguisher was reported stolen from the same floor in Dickey Hall. The glass case protecting the extinguisher had been smashed.

GORHAM – At 3:26 a.m. a resident of the same floor of Dickey Hall called the police after discovering his room had been “trashed,” according to Saindon. There was no serious damage, but everything had been “thrown around,” said Saindon.

Police are investigating a link between the three incidents.

Saturday, Jan. 5

PORTLAND – A man who had been in the Sullivan Gym called the Portland Police Department to report the theft of a credit card from his wallet.

The man believes the card was stolen from his wallet while it was in the gym’s locker room.

Sunday, Jan. 6

PORTLAND – Someone reported a theft after discovering cash had been stolen from his wallet while in the Sullivan Gym.

Police won’t release the amount because the matter is still under investigation.

Monday, Jan. 7

PORTLAND – A woman reported the theft of her purse while she was dropping off her child at Child Care Services. Someone apparently took the purse from her car. There were cash and credit cards inside.

“There’s a possible link there,” said Saindon about the thefts.

Wednesday, Jan. 9

PORTLAND – The theft of a $4,000 computer was reported. The computer had been stolen from a computer lab in the science building on Jan. 1, but wasn’t discovered until Jan. 9.

Thurday, Jan. 10

PORTLAND – A student complained of being harassed by a non-student on Congress Street.

Carl Pica-Sneeden, 18 of Congress Street, was issued a criminal trespass notice by the USM Police Department, barring him from entering Portland Hall.

The Portland Police Department also served Pica-Sneeden a cease harassment notice which prohibits him from having any direct or indirect contact with the victim.

Pica-Sneeden had been inside Portland Hall before, but was not at the time the complaint was made.


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