Friday, Oct. 19

At 12:58 p.m. USM Police received a report that four males on the fourth floor of Dickey Hall were causing a disturbance and taking part in vandalism. An officer was unable to locate the group, but did notice that trash cans had been tipped over.

Saturday, Oct. 22

20-year-old Jeremy E. Baker of Harrison was taken to Cumberland County Jail after being arrested for operating after suspension. Baker was released for a court date on Nov. 29.

Sunday, Oct. 21

USM Police ran a record check on 21-year-old George Graves of Presque Isle and four other individuals with Graves around 1 a.m. The check came back negative; however, Graves was issued a criminal trespass notice and summonsed to district court in Portland for Nov. 22 for possession of Ritalin, a schedule two drug.

Three of the individuals with Graves received criminal trespass notices and the fourth was referred to the Student Conduct Committee for an alcohol violation.

Monday, Oct. 22

At 9:09 p.m. the Portland Police Department advised the USM Police Department that a staff member who works in Payson Smith Hall called Portland Police to report that she received a package that was not addressed to her and appeared to be from Spain. The employee wrapped the package in a plastic Shop ‘n Save bag and placed it under her computer desk. Detective Sgt. Ron Saindon and Police Chief Lisa Beecher were notified.

It appeared the package was sent to the wrong person, so the package was turned into Saindon at his request.

“USM and the police department take these incidents seriously,” said Saindon. “In these cases, we go by a specific protocol. If anyone is ever in doubt of a package or letter, we encourage them to let us know.”

The item was later turned over to Mail Services, marked as undeliverable.

Rescue calls

Between Oct. 18 and Oct. 23, a rescue unit was called to the Gorham campus on three different occasions and Medcu was also called to campus twice.


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