Tuesday, Sept. 25

A visitor parking sign was reported stolen from the Gorham campus. Police recovered the sign and Nicholas Thorne, age 19, of Livingston was arrested on a charge of theft and was summonsed to court for Oct. 25.

Two other men were with Thorne and received trespass notices, banning them from USM grounds.

Friday, Sept. 28

Newly planted shrubs were pulled from the ground outside Philippi Hall around 7 p.m. This has been the second such incident this year. The shrubs were later replanted.

Saturday, Sept. 29

A female student reported being threatened by Jeffery B. Craggy, age 27, of Portland. Police arrested Craggy on a charge of terrorizing and he was further ordered to have no contact with the victim and ordered to stay off University property. Craggy was summonsed to court for Nov. 1.

Thursday, Oct. 4

At 2:18 a.m. a male student was referred to Community Standards for a Conduct Code violation after receiving an alcohol violation and a public urination violation for being intoxicated and urinating on a tree. The officer told him to sleep it off and asked his friends to keep an eye on him.

Unauthorized use of computers was reported when three computers in Bailey Hall had been tampered with and used by an unauthorized person. The staff in Bailey also found their offices unlocked.

Nothing was missing, but the staff noticed that someone seems to have been in their offices that week, using the computers.

Monday, Oct. 8

Jason Toothaker, age 19, a resident of Hastings Hall was arrested by USM Police Officer Cheryl Palmer after he pulled a knife out during an argument with another student. The other student was cut when he tried to grab the knife from Toothaker, but did not require medical attention. Gorham rescue and police officers were also called to the scene.

Toothaker was also charged with escape for trying to escape from the police cruiser and wrestling with the officer for about 10 minutes.

The officer was not injured and Toothaker was restrained until he worked his way out of restraints again, two minutes before arriving at the jail.

He is currently being held in Cumberland County Jail pending arraignment.

Monday, Oct.15

A suspicious envelope was found in Glickman Library. Police checked the envelope and determined that it wasn’t a threat.

Tuesday, Oct. 16

A white, flaky substance was discovered on the floor inside the men’s bathroom on the first floor of Bailey Hall. The bathroom was sealed off until police arrived. It was later determined that the substance was nothing serious and the bathroom was reopened after it had been cleared and disinfected.


Madeline O’Neil, 20, of Raymond was arrested on a charge of leaving the scene of an accident for a hit-and-run that was reported on Sept. 26 in parking lot P-2 on the Portland campus. O’Neil was summonsed to court for November 15.

On Sept. 20 a resident assistant reported seeing a female in Philippi Hall who is on the trespass list. The female was Amy L. Nguyen of Biddeford. Nguyen was arrested on the charge of criminal trespass after violating an order not to enter resident halls, and was summonsed to court for Oct. 25.

Erin Re, 21, of Gorham was arrested on a charge of leaving the scene of an accident after having left the site of a motor vehicle hit-and-run on Sept. 25 on the Portland campus. Re was summonsed to court for Nov. 25.


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