To the Editor:

The economy of the United States of America has strong pillars. Sept. 11 could not damage it. It is the people who drive the economy, not big buildings in New York City.

The attack on the twin towers did not collapse the American economy but it slowed down the speed of the economy. It will take a few months to turn around the market. People are rethinking for more security measures to avoid another disaster. With skills, energy and technological know how American people will reestablish new growth for the U.S. economy.

In the past ideas of the free market, computation and hard work sets the growth of the economy, which is the cornerstone of this nation. Sept. 11 is the landmark for new security rules in the national airports that will require more personnel to implement. This creates new jobs for unemployed people. Not only that, but it will also increase the pay for a security job whose value is often underestimated by many Americans.

People in the market must set new standards to regain public trust for investments. The problem that can drag the U.S. economy into recession is the lack of investors. The task that is on the front line of this new war is to reengage public trust. The U.S. open market is the center stage of the global economy and it is important for people to trust it again.

Hussein Derie


Liberal arts major


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