To the Editor:

The students at USM are at wits end when it comes to parking!

At USM there are an estimated 11,000 students, but only hundreds find parking spots in the actual parking lots. Each and every day thousands of students roam and wonder around the parking lots and streets to find a parking space. Many times students spend 10 to 20 minutes searching for a spot, which in turn makes them late for classes.

USM needs to get itself in gear and deal with the parking situation.

Without a new parking situation, many students lose valuable time in class and it may drive them away from the University. Other times students are forced to park so close to each other that car doors receive dings and dents from other car doors. Many times students are forced to park on side streets and get parking tickets.

On the other hand if USM were to build a parking garage, people in the neighborhood would complain. The people say that the University is creeping up and already has overstepped its boundaries. The neighborhood does not want to look at a car garage.

The importance in the situation is to see that parking at USM is restored to normal. USM must take immediate action.

Meghan L. Corbett


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