Office of International Exchange

Director of International Exchange, Domenica Cipollone described her program.

Cipollone works with students, the INS, and national and international study away programs.

“I get to provide opportunities to know the world,” said Cipollone. She described the abroad programs she works with as “affordable ways to go to different schools and to explore future residence.”

“You come back from any part in the world,” explained Cipollone, “and you never read a newspaper the same way again. I am hoping students will see the need to internationalize.”

International students and the recent attacks

Regarding the recent terrorist events and ethnic response, Cipollone explained that hate crimes in Maine have traditionally been “acted upon and made visible.”

She said “it is not tolerated,” and feels confident that that attitude is prominent on campus.

Further, Cipollone explained that international students feel safe on campus. “Our international students have said they all feel safe at USM.”

However, the same doesn’t carry on elsewhere. “They don’t feel safe off campus.”

The parts students should play in helping international students feel at ease is by expressing

thoughts of support and gratitude, said Cipollone.

“When you feel different, you don’t know how people view you. You need to tell students you are glad they are here. We can learn a lot from them,” she told the Senate.

Bus concerns spur discussion

Commuter Sen. Anthony Pergola’s concern about parking brought to light Senate concerns about the new bus schedule.

The schedule, which now runs once every 45 minutes, as opposed to last year’s two busses every half-hour, is a concern of many student senators.

Commuter Sen. Matthew Amoroso claimed to have seen buses leave the Gorham campus early, having been too full to accept any more passengers.

Resident Sen. Mathew Andrew Goodman felt that, “as a student totally dependent on the bus,” the issue is one worth looking into.

G-TV use agreements

Senate Chair Marcie Muller brought to the attention of the Senate a contract Director of Student Life Joe Austin asked her to sign. The contract, a “channel & studio use agreement” proposed a procedure for equipment loss and damage. It also covered issues of responsibility, the Student Senate’s role in G-TV and the right of Gorham Student Life to inspection the station.

Commuter Sen. Mike Norton expressed concern about the extent of the Senate’s liability.

“They’re overseeing G-TV but they’re not responsible?” he asked.

Commuter Sen. Justin LaBerge confronted this concer, noting that G-TV is a Senate entity, making the body responsible either way.

LaBerge supported the contract’s formalization of that relationship. “What is more important is that it sets up guidelines and we have a base-line.”

The Senate decided to appoint a committee to examine G-TV and the contract before Muller signs.

The committee is composed of Resident Sen. Anthony Pergola, At-Large Sen. Laurie Quirrion, Commuter Sen. Kenneth Ryder, At-Large Sen. Leah Marie Wentworth and Muller. Kathleen Pease, coordinator of Student Senate operations, who examined the use agreement last year, will be on the committee also.

Careers cut short

Two senators officially resigned at Friday’s meeting.

At-Large Sen. Jonathan Crasnick’s and Commuter Sen. Sean Brady’s letters of resignation were heard and acknowledged.

Words and Images

On behalf of the Senate-financed Words and Images, “Maine’s annual compendium of visual and literary creativity,” Sarah Gagnon reported on the progress of the project.

Sen. LaBerge praised the magazine. “I look forward to seeing this product every year. I know the president is proud. I know I am proud and I get disappointed to see left over issues on the shelf.”


The following senators were absent from Friday’s meeting: Resident Sens. Tiffany Cumming, Melissa LaChance, Mark Royer and Harry Wright III; At-Large Sens. Nic Carter and Jonathan Crasnick (resigned); and Commuter Sens. Jeanette Burns and Sean Brady (resigned).

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Student Senate will take place at 10 a.m. Friday Sept. 28 in the Woodbury Campus Center, rooms B and C, Portland.

All are encouraged to attend.


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